Let's talk about the Sage Stamp MAB/MAM!

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  1. I found one! Only one! While I was looking for a Black/Blue Floral Stamp MAM, I came across the Sage Floral Stamp MAB. I have seen so many pictures that show so many variation of the color on this bag. Sometimes it looks greenish, sometimes it looks grayish, and sometimes it looks taupe. Would anyone be so kind as to enlighten me on the true coloring of this bag? Also what do you guys think about the Floral Stamp style in the MAB size? Do you think it looks okay on a bag as big as the MAB? Or would it be better on the MAM?

  2. Hey gung, I have never seen the bag IRL so I can't help you there. But I think the stamp would be BEAUTIFUL on the regular MAB. It seems like such beautiful detailing would only look MORE beautiful on a bigger bag. All the better to see it with my dearrrrrrrr... :smile:
  3. Because it's not bright like the Tangy or other colors, this is doable with a MAB
  4. That first pic is of my pretty MAB! :smile:

    The bag is definitely green, I would describe it as a light army green. Mine looks a little different from the photos of the MA with gold hardware, that may be because those photos were taken with a flash or something. Also, some pics of the Sage bags look a little blue and it's not at all. It goes with everything, I adore it!

    The stamp is absolutely gorgeous! It's my favorite part of the bag because it's so pretty and not at all busy.
  5. I've got it in the nikki and I see it more of a true sage color, not very greeny at all. More greyish with just a hint of green, very neutral and seems to go wtith just about anything. I've got the black/blue stamp but in the mam and I think it would be just as nice in the mab as well. I love the floral stamp, I wish she'd do more in that style.
  6. I purchased a Sage/Stamp MAB recently on ebay that was purchased at the Gilt sale. The bag is ABSOLUTELY LOVELY. I take it out of it's dustbag everyday, stand in front of the mirror and keep hoping it would feel right.
    Mine has a color that seems more grey than green. A very smokey color. It has the polished silver hardware. I love the bag but have not been able to bring myself to carry it because I think I would be happier with the MAM (of which I currently have two). I am waiting Stamp MAM to present itself somewhere and it would be great if it had the gold hardware. Oh, I would be in heaven!
    Long story short, the Sage/Stamp MA is an incredible bag in any size!!! :love:
  7. I have the sage green stamp MAB -- it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It's very soft and smooshy mine looks a bit more on the greenish side to me...
  8. either its beautiful
  9. :blah:Hmph!

    I think a little more enabling is in order! ENABLE ME! PLEASE!:roflmfao:
  10. i have th MAB and its absolutely beautiful!!~ GUNG~ u need a stamp in your collection since u dun have one (and have like 3 basketweaves)~ the stamp is a classic and works really well with the sage leather~ u have to see it to believe it!!
  11. ^So Im assuming you dont think the Stamp design is too much on the larger size of the MAB? I know for sure I would buy it in the MAM size but I need a little convincing on the MAB!:yes:
  12. LOL! GUNG you are too cute! I think Sage w/ floral stamp will be a good addition to amazing collection coz you do not have any in floral stamp yet! U can seriously consider this one!

    Hee hee! Have i enabled you enough? :graucho:
  13. I ordered a sage stamp MAB from Bluefly, but had it sent directly to my mother-in-law as a gift, so I never get to see it in person. According to her, the bag is beautifully made and the leather is scrumptious. She loves the bag so much! I don't know where to find one now, but if you see one, you should grab it! :yes: Or, tell me where to get one? :P
  14. Oooh, thanks piffle princess and lvsforme! My enablation meter is getting warmer! (Is that even a word!?)
  15. so you're getting both :nuts: you are amazing GUNG!

    no i don't think its too much at all~ if you're getting both then maybe try and find one in gold HW and one in silver HW? it definitely gives the bag a different vibe just by the colour of the HW~