Let's talk about the hardware!

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  1. I'm currently devilishly plotting my next purchase :devil: and I've been thinking about hardware. I feel that the hardware should depend on how it will sport out a bag. Like my BB Kelly for example. It's classic and GH looks "Old world glamorous" As when I chose the hardware for my other bags they had to be perfect with the leather and color combo. I have never been the one to buy a certain hardware just because I mostly wear white gold.

    How many different hardwares are there out there?

    Can people post their hardware so I can see? I love the way Ruthenium looks but never got to see it on different color and leather combos. Their is also something called Guilloche (sp?) are there others as well?
  2. Bagg, I feel, from what I've seen & heard, that most people agree with you about h/w. I tend to want to match my bags to my jewelry, tho. And I do have yellow jewelry as well as white, although the white seems dominant so I lean toward the Pall h/w in bags if I can find it.

    So far ( and that may change ) I have not let hardware influence me on purchasing a bag, all other things considered. I don't usually order bags, but, rather, buy them off the shelves so I go for style/leather/color in my consideration rather than h/w. If I can get a bag with pall h/w, then, that is a plus, to me, but not a requirement.
  3. Thanks for your input Susi. I just want to hear more about this because I'm planning on ordering a couple of bags this year and I wou'd love to try different hardwares. I just want to be prepared when I get there.

    Like what color and leathers would look best with ? hardwares;

    Pal is stunning with all the leathers
    Gld DOES NOT look good with all leathers!
    Ruth looks good to me with Black Box and White leather, Pinks, some blues
    I really am not familliar with the other Hardwares because I have not seen them.

    Does anyone else have Exotic Hardwares?? ~ewww,.. sounds sexy! Exotic Hardware!
  4. Baggs, here's an example of Guilloche on my black box Kelly Double Tour--still on holiday so this is the best photo I have from the seller; I think 24 has Guilloche on one of her Kellys--it is gorgeous against black box. The only thing about this hardware is that the effect is somewhat muted in that there isn't a lot of shine due to the detailing.

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  5. :drool: ewww,..... I like,.... What colors is that available in, can you get it in Gold and Ruthenium? Where's 24! I need visual!
  6. ^^Good questions Baggs--I've only seen Guilloche hardware in what I am assuming is Palladium. I've not seen it in gold or ruthenium; definitely a question for Claude on your next visit. He would know for sure.
  7. Yes! Yes!
  8. Paging Kat! I want another look at your Kelly with the RH I want to see how it looks against black. Is it too dark?
  9. Baggs, IMO, guilloche is best on the most formal of H bags - like a small sellier black box or croc or lizard Kelly or an Elan/JPG clutch. It's lovely!

    There is also brushed palladium and brushed gold Hw but these show scratches much more.
  10. Ahh! Yes I almost forgot the brushed hardware! How will that look with BJ Birkin?
  11. I'm a big fan of brushed metal in my jewelery....rings, bracelets, etc. I think brushed Palladium or Ruthenium would be stunning on Box, Swift...any of the smooth leathers. I ADORE Ruthenium on Black, Cognac, Havanne, Ebene. Gives the bag a little "edge" if you KWIM. And GOLD is my favorite on almost everything, Bagg.....looks fantastic on Gold Togo, Rouge H Box, Chevre, even BJ Togo.....
  12. I'm in needs for some "edge" I'm gonna call up my SA and see what we can do!
  13. In addition to orchids' photo, here is a black box kelly with palladium guilloche hw:



    HTH, Bagg!
  14. :wtf: That's all I can say :wtf: *Thump* That is one hot momma!
  15. Gina, did you get that by us? Did you have to wait for it or was it on a shelf? What size is it?