Let's talk about the hardware!


SofaKing PuertoRican
Mar 6, 2006
I'm currently devilishly plotting my next purchase :devil: and I've been thinking about hardware. I feel that the hardware should depend on how it will sport out a bag. Like my BB Kelly for example. It's classic and GH looks "Old world glamorous" As when I chose the hardware for my other bags they had to be perfect with the leather and color combo. I have never been the one to buy a certain hardware just because I mostly wear white gold.

How many different hardwares are there out there?

Can people post their hardware so I can see? I love the way Ruthenium looks but never got to see it on different color and leather combos. Their is also something called Guilloche (sp?) are there others as well?
Bagg, I feel, from what I've seen & heard, that most people agree with you about h/w. I tend to want to match my bags to my jewelry, tho. And I do have yellow jewelry as well as white, although the white seems dominant so I lean toward the Pall h/w in bags if I can find it.

So far ( and that may change ) I have not let hardware influence me on purchasing a bag, all other things considered. I don't usually order bags, but, rather, buy them off the shelves so I go for style/leather/color in my consideration rather than h/w. If I can get a bag with pall h/w, then, that is a plus, to me, but not a requirement.
Thanks for your input Susi. I just want to hear more about this because I'm planning on ordering a couple of bags this year and I wou'd love to try different hardwares. I just want to be prepared when I get there.

Like what color and leathers would look best with ? hardwares;

Pal is stunning with all the leathers
Gld DOES NOT look good with all leathers!
Ruth looks good to me with Black Box and White leather, Pinks, some blues
I really am not familliar with the other Hardwares because I have not seen them.

Does anyone else have Exotic Hardwares?? ~ewww,.. sounds sexy! Exotic Hardware!
Baggs, here's an example of Guilloche on my black box Kelly Double Tour--still on holiday so this is the best photo I have from the seller; I think 24 has Guilloche on one of her Kellys--it is gorgeous against black box. The only thing about this hardware is that the effect is somewhat muted in that there isn't a lot of shine due to the detailing.


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^^Good questions Baggs--I've only seen Guilloche hardware in what I am assuming is Palladium. I've not seen it in gold or ruthenium; definitely a question for Claude on your next visit. He would know for sure.
Baggs, IMO, guilloche is best on the most formal of H bags - like a small sellier black box or croc or lizard Kelly or an Elan/JPG clutch. It's lovely!

There is also brushed palladium and brushed gold Hw but these show scratches much more.
I'm a big fan of brushed metal in my jewelery....rings, bracelets, etc. I think brushed Palladium or Ruthenium would be stunning on Box, Swift...any of the smooth leathers. I ADORE Ruthenium on Black, Cognac, Havanne, Ebene. Gives the bag a little "edge" if you KWIM. And GOLD is my favorite on almost everything, Bagg.....looks fantastic on Gold Togo, Rouge H Box, Chevre, even BJ Togo.....
In addition to orchids' photo, here is a black box kelly with palladium guilloche hw:



HTH, Bagg!