Lets talk about Sex and the City

  1. Has anyone else been seeing the commercials for this? I'm excited, even though I have no idea what its all about. Will they quite literally be sitting around talking about the show?
  2. I saw a commercial yesterday when I woke up and can't wait, even though I can't remember much of the commercial! It starts July 18th, but I couldn't find anything on the TBS site last night.
  3. what commercials?! advertising sex and the city? ohh im intrigued
  4. ok u got my attention I LOVE SATC are we talking something other than the reruns?
  5. I have NO idea what you guys are talking about!

    Spill the beans, please! :flowers:
  6. lol okay, I really don't know...but there are new commercials with everyone in it...It seems as though they are going to be talking about the show. I think its a special. That is the extent of my knowledge.
  7. OHHHH...I'm marking my calendar!!!!! I'll try to do some research on it and see what it's all about! Thanks for the info!
  8. i hope they dont end up killing it with this little spinoff talkshow thing.
  9. I haven't seen anything about this...but, I am SO marking my calendar!!! I LOVE SATC and I miss it soooo much!! :crybaby:
  10. I got the impression that it was all the guys (Anthony, Steve, Harry, and Stanny) of SATC...? Or were they the only people who were willing to come in to shoot a promo?
  11. what?? another SATC :yahoo:
  12. When is it gonna be on the air?
  13. I saw the commercial last night. Don't really know what it is but I'm definatley excited!
  14. Just a reminder, it's on tomorrow night!!
  15. correct, as I understand, they will be jumping in during the show to talk about the girls and such. I dont think the girls are due on the show at all, at least not this week :crybaby: