Lets talk about red. Blue red? Tomato red? Lipstick red?

  1. Can anyone categorize the different reds in the paddington style by the years?

    I just purchased an 05 red. Which is that?
  2. 06 Red was rouge

    05 has the original red (brighter red)

    Claret was then produced (much darker, richer red)

    Did you get the round Chloe tag with your bag, that would have a colour description on it?

    If you do a search under rouge or claret, you will see the difference in colours, hope that helps :smile:
  3. I have the medium paddy in the '05 and '06 reds and the '06 garnet. (I guess that was the burgandy/claret, but the color was called "garnet") The '05 is a "lipstick" red to me, and the red from '06 (which also said "rouge" on the tag) is a fire engine red, more "blue" in it.:smile: They are both bright and very striking. I also have the garnet in the large US Shopper from '06, which roz77772002 found for me. The leather is really gorgeous on the garnet. Very smooshy like the '05's. The only other reds I have are the original Ascot satchel, which is a bit of a two-toned red because they use different leathers on the bag, and the large red Silverado doctor bag from '06 (from Roz as well, she is AMAZING!!!):nuts:
    That's the red collection....:sweatdrop: I LOVE red and you if you find one you like, go for it...they always go with just about everything...
    PS: I also have the orange medium paddy from Sabine's...very nice as well. But no red in it:smile:
  4. Have you posted pics anywhere on this forum? I MUST see this collection :yes:
  5. DITTO! I think Beanie :heart: will win the prize for having the most extensive Chloe Collection :drool:
  6. Beanie please post comparison pics, I would love to see!
    I have the 05 red. I thought the 06 was more reddish orange?
  7. Ok, so the 05 red had grey "paint" on the edges of the leather and the 06 has black? Correct? And there is an 07 red?

    And an 06 garnet, right?

    Anyone familiar with Balenciaga? The 05 theatre rouge which is a deep blood red (blue undertones I guess), which paddy red is closest?
  8. Oh, I would LOVE to post pics, but as I have said numerous times I don't know how to use the digital camera and no way will I be asking DH to take pics of my Chloes in this lifetime! :rolleyes: I do have an extensive collection from mostly '05 and '06 with a few '07's thrown in for good measure! I am almost done collecting now. I am looking for the cannelle large zippy that was on Diabro.net just a little bit ago. I have no idea why I didn't buy it. I bought the medium from Bluefly and fell in love with the color after convincing myself that I DIDN'T like it!!!!! :cursing: Now I am kicking myself for not getting it, but perhaps they will get another in, since it's an '07 color....:crybaby:
  9. So if IIRC here is the red story:

    05 Rouge (with the grey edgework)
    05 Grenat (also with grey edgeowrk)

    06 Rouge (slightly more pink IMO than the 05 rouge, but that could be strictly due to the change from Calf Skin to regular Cowhide leather. In photographing these bags it seems to me that the 06 reflect more light than the 05s)
    06 Bordeaux (only made for one season and very rarely seen)

    Here is a comparo of 06 Rouge and 05 Grenat:


  10. I think the 05 Rouge Theatre is probably a dead middle between 05 Rouge an 05 Grenat.

    The Rouge VIF is probably closest to the 05 or 06 Rouge in Chloe, while the 06 Bal Grenat is very close in color to the 05 Grenat or 06 Bordeaux.

  11. ^Thank you! So the 06 is more tomatoey red than the 05 which is more blue-red?
  12. My 06 Rouge Paddy's color looks very similar to my 06 RougeVif Balenciaga Box:love:

    one is very heavy, the other very light - what an opposite:sweatdrop:
  13. hmmm, I have never seen an 05 Rouge v an 06 Rouge IRL or even side by side in pics, just different pics at different times.

    Given Chloe's pension for duplicating colors year over year but changing the edgework color I would *guess* they are the same but photograph differently: owing to the change of leather.

    However! since they new call they the white-white 07 bag Blanc and it's a totally different color than 06 Blanc (and I have seen those side by side) who knows! LOL

    But my guess remains: 05 and 06 rouges are the same color, just different leather and hence the dye looks different, esp in pics...

    Are you trying to choose between two bags?

  14. I've just bought a 06 Rouge paddy :drool:on eBay from a PFer. Pic is taken without flash. I can't capture the true color of it, but if you have a Balenciaga bag, it is really similar to Rouge Vif:yes:
    Congrats on your 05 Rouge paddy purchase!!:yahoo:
  15. Thanks ladies. I'm driving myself crazy trying to find the perfect red. Soleil that bag is gorgeous! A real gem. Now I want it. So what? I'm gonna end up buying the 06 as well just to compare. I need to hold both in my hands and side by side.

    Soleil can you tell me what the tag reads, and the inner leather date tag please?