Let's talk about pronunciation

  1. Call me a total idiot, but how do you pronounce "Botkier"...
    I can't let myself walk into a NM and say it totally wrong!

    (I have a friend who is still laughing at me for saying "Hermes" wrong several years ago... I can't let this happen again! :rolleyes:)

    Feel free to tag along here with any dumb pronunciation questions you may have...
  2. Bot kee air. I called the NY number on their website and the recording was clear: "Thank you for calling Botkier."

    How do you pronounce Hermes? I thought it was er-mez?? Possibly er-mahz??
  3. Here is how I've heard it: "er-mez" with the emphasis on the 2nd syllable
  4. Aw, geez, I'll never get this pronunciation right! I thought that last thread had decided that someone who'd answered the phone at Botkier had said, "Bot-kyer"? Or maybe I read that that was how it was pronounced in some other article. Rats.

    Doesn't Ms. Botkier herself log on here every once in a while? Help, Ms. Botkier!!!
  5. I'm so glad it's not just me!!! :roflmfao:
  6. I get so embarassed about pronounciation...my ultra-rich friend said Givenchy all summer, and by the time it had come for my (dumb stupid eBay) givenchy to come I had finally landed the name from a random pronounciation site...!
  7. 1) its definately er-mez. and 2) this thread is funny bc i was seriously thinking the other day how i have a way of making up how to pronounce companies that i had never heard of before tPF :upsidedown:
  8. thanks for the fashionista post.
  9. Anyone want to help me with Jamin Puech? Feel free . . .
  10. Difficult to rexplain because the sounds don't exist in English except for the ech...
    If you learnt some French at school...
    ja is the same as in JAmais
    min is the same as in deMAIN

    Pu is the same as in tU
    ech is the same as in mesh

    As for Hermès...it is not er-mez.....it is er-mes with an s.....!!!!
  11. Sorry, I didn't pay attention to the first syllable....and you might be confused.... if, for you, the "er" corresponds to the sound of "her"
    Let's do it again....
    Hermès.....the right pronunciation is airmes.