Let's talk about our love for Hermès ... and our favorite H things!

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  1. We all love Hermès, otherwise we wouldn't be in this forum!

    After all the trials and errors with sizes and colors, I can honestly say that I am very happy with my small collection of Hermès items. I'm not saying that I'm stopping because I'm sure that there will always be something in the future for me.

    Let's talk about our love for Hermès and our H favorite things! :love:

    - Colors! I love how Hermès makes every possible color imaginable. Currently, I'm obsessed with fuchsia.

    - Yummy leathers! There's always a type of leather reflecting the personality of the owner. I think I'm a smoothy leather gal (or I have a preference for small grains). My favorites are box (elegance), barenia (just because I have to have one), chevre (lightweight and weatherproof), and swift (durability and weatherproof).

    - Handbags! I'm definitely a hand-held or a messenger-type gal! Ah, both of these can be done with my Kellys!!!

    - The silk ... and cashmere ... road! I'm so in love with Tohu Bohu and designs by Anne Faivre!

    - Leather accessories! Who doesn't want to have a rainbow inside an H bag?

    - Exclusivity! I will be lying if I don't admit that I like to carry my H bags with pride. It doesn't need to be a Birkin or a Kelly. I really like that not everyone carries an H bag regardless if it's an Evelyne or a Picotin.

    - Still a family owned enterprise! To be honest, I'm quite afraid what will happen to H if ever the Dumas clan sells their stake. I really hope not!

    Come and share your thoughts!
  2. The two things I like about Hermes are the rainbow of leathers, and the silks/cashmeres.

    While the wallet of my dreams is by Cartier, and the one that's lasted in my purse for 17 years with virtually no wear is by LV, Hermes does shine with a huge array of colors and interesting designs. For example, the Bastia and Calvi are simple but exquisite. The Hugo pen case is extremely well made, and the most interesting one I could find on the market.

    When it comes to the silks/cashmeres, I'm always impressed by designs along the lines of the Marwari pattern. It's just a visual feast. So is the Aux Portes du Palais. Ferragamo will be getting my business in the future, but these two patterns alone blow me away.
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    They still care about quality: how often do they replace bags, as witnessed by several TPF'ers, no matter what condition/age?

    Also, their elephants: They make lots of designs in them, of which I am in love with all =) H and Ferragamo make the cutest elephants :yes:
  4. I am utterly obsessed with Tohu Bohu....I want anything and everything in it. And as you so perfectly put it I love the fact that there is a choice of leather for all tastes as I for example do not like smooshy leathers but know others love this so I know which ones to avoid
  5. I love the cashmere/silk shawls, especially the ones with large bold designs.
    Colours - Blue Jean, Chartreuse and Orange.
    Leathers - Swift and Box, then Clemence.
    Styles - Kelly and Bolide.
    I couldnt ever be without my little agenda and wallets.
    Also love my belts and leather bracelets.
  6. The quality is first-class.The handbags, agendas, and leathers-particularly the iconic ones like Barenia, Vache Naturelle, and box calf--are fabulous. The classic shoe mocassin is great as are the beautiful cashmere and flannel clothing . However, the china and crystal leave me cold; there are other manufacturers whose designs I like better. I think Hermes is better at the classic sportswear/leather goods on which they built their image.
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    The colors, oh the wonderful colors, and the variety of leathers. I love that I can get a bag or accessory in a leather and color I prefer, instead of whatever the art director of the company decided would be "in" for that season. I can also go for less flashy unknown styles, instead of the hot ticket item.
    I used to love the silk twills, but this summer I've fallen in love with the feather light mousselines and gm cashmeres. :yes:
  8. Oooo and the riding boots....adore those
  9. Um....everything? :heart:

    Seriously, I think it would almost be easier to list the little bit that I don't like rather than what I like so much!

    But the top of my list: quality and Style - timeless
    Then the silks and shawls colours, patterns
    leather - choices for everyone

    Oh I could go on.
  10. The leather first drew me to Hermes - I am addicted to good quality leather, whether in the form of small stationery items or handbags and fashion accessories. But the colors and patterns of Hermes's other items made me fall in love with their other offerings. I was never a jewelry or a scarf person, for example, but now I am addicted to enamels and shawls. (I LOVE Tohu Bohu, and so does my DH!!)

    :love: Je t'aime Hermes!
  11. Actually my other half really likes Tohu Bohu too
  12. I love the leathers and the glorious colors and especially the fact that the bags are so timeless. I'm done with "it" bags.

    But in addition, I am crazy over the cashmere shawls and the wonderful TIES for my DH---the whimsical ones!!! He has been wearing them for years!
  13. Thats because you have him in a headlock mooks!!! LOL, just kidding :P
  14. H items are so tactile! like the scarves with the rich silks and cashmeres.
    i love my birkin to pieces :biggrin: it's very classic.
    and i love my new H avalon blanket...so soft and cozy. i take it with me on trips.
  15. La Van, Hermes does make the best colors.
    I can't wait to see a H red in person. :smile:

    Things I would love to own someday: (short list)

    * A rigide Bolide
    * I have seen many gorgeous mousselines on this forum
    * Some of the more unique items like the travelling desk set (comes
    with the stapler, eraser, pencil -- all in a barenia case!)