Let's talk about LEATHER...

  1. Are there any other designers out there whose leather is as comparably thick, soft, smooshy and pebbly as Chloe's paddington leather?

    In the past few months, I've bought and returned: Gucci/Guccissima, Dior, Be & D Stella, Rafe and Gerard Darel. I returned a Jimmy Choo Mahdi leather and suede satchel and am waiting on delivery of a Jimmy Choo Biker/Ring leather bag.
    The only other non-Chloe bag I love for its leather and details is a Coach mia soho satchel in antique brown leather with a braid strap.
  2. Fendi in my opinion, has the best leather of any designer available today. I love balenciaga too as they manage to keep the leather so lightweight, yet rich and supple too.

    I would say they are the bags that immediately spring to mind for me.
  3. I will definitely check out Fendi's leather bags. I tried on many Balenciaga bags at NM and they weren't really my style.
  4. Will go and get a close up of my fendi spy and fendi B piccies so you can see how amazing the leather is :smile:
  5. [​IMG]



  6. C-B your leathers rock!!!

    I am a Bal convert after toting the paddy weight too long. Take a peek at the luscious Balenciaga leather (a lot of pics don't capture the texture of the bbags but it's really stunning):


  7. I been wanting to get a fendi spy but not sure if it will be too big for me. But I love the all leather fendi spy. Do you think fendi spy will stay as classic or trendy bag?
  8. chloe-babe - what amazing leather on your fendi bags! :drool:
  9. hmwe46 - do the Balenciaga leathers vary from shiny to matte? and is the leather delicate and/or in need of extra TLC?
  10. The leather on the early Marc Jacobs bags was gorgeous, thick and supple.:tup: I have a few of them in the original "stella" style, and a few of his other early, early styles as well. (Some in sumptious suede too!) That leather is LONG GONE... sad to say.:crybaby: I also have some Bottega Veneta handbags that have beautiful supple leathers as well. I think the '05 Chloes have the most supple leather of all, and even though they (Chloe) says that their leather "hasn't changed" I think it has. :graucho:If you can find some of the '05 bags, you are going have the most gorgeous leather around:smile::drool:
  11. I love the leather on my Valentinos', odd they're the most pungent off all my purses? They're squishy and sooo light weight.

    One of my Chloe's, the mastic Tracy, smells a little like fish, LOL. All my other Chloe's have very little odor.

    My next aromatic purse is one of my Prada's?
  12. Yes, there is definitely variation in the leather from season to season and color to color. So each gal can choose their favorite variety: glossy, matte, smoothy, veiny, glossy, etc :yes:

    I think the light colored leather is much harder to care for, prone to fading and dirt.

    The Chloe whites seem impervious to dirt and stuff, but the Bal whites are very tempermental.

    But the F/W 07 leather is gorgeous and the colors rock. Here is a new rouge:



  14. thanks :heart:

    I love to take pics of these bags!!

    I miss my Chloes most of all when it comes time to take snaps of my new bag family.

    The Chloe leather in FY05 and FY06 was outstanding!! I am not a great fan of the newer stiffer leather though. Although honestly that had little to do with my crossover (mostly it was lifestyle).
  15. hmwe46- my g-d you rock at taking photos! OMG!

    chloe_babe- i just want to bite those Spies. They are delicious!

    I have to say that when it comes to leather, Hermes takes the cake for me, followed by Chloe, Balenciaga and Chanel. Each designer's leather features something different, and fabulous to me.
    Hermes- it's just the ultimate to me, but you pay a heft price for it
    Chloe- because it is so thick, smooshy and lucious
    Balenciaga- the texture and feel are incredible !
    Chanel- so soft, luxurious!
    Fendi- after seeing chloe_babe's spies, who can blame me for listing it

    So I am happy being a total bag ho- I love all of them! and for different reasons!