Lets talk about Keds!!

  1. Who else is obsessed with finding the perfect pair of Keds ??

    I cannot find my size at all... I might have to resort to buying kids ones...

    I am totally lemming these ones at the moment... I am going on a giant witch hunt tomorrow to find these in a 5.5 !!

    Please please let me know if you know any place that stocks these in a 5.5 and ships internationally !!! It will killllll me if i dont find them!!
  2. Who says celebrity endorsements don't work? Here are your shoes Mischa Barton style.


    Love the look and the shoe but not the shoe color.

    I totally fell for these last Spring.
  3. I love the looks of Keds but have trouble just finding a place that sells them..can anyone help?
  4. These are soo cute...I want!!!

  5. No idea, but they are so cute!! Is that Owls on them?
  6. Does Zappos.com ship internationally? They have a bunch of keds on their website...
  7. I wear a size 5 but the keds I got were a size 6. I think it may run small. Anyway, try on a size 6 to see if it works for you. I love my Keds! I got them on sale at Nordstroms. It's black with pink polka dots. It's really cute. :biggrin:
  8. they dont ship internationally on Zappos !!!!! :crybaby:

    ive only seen the owl ones once in a store and didnt get them because they were $80 :Push: now i regret not getting them because every store ive been to only has kids Keds upto a size 5 (which are too small) and adults Keds starting at a 6 (too big)... ARGH!!!! IM SO SCREWED!!!..

    I have found ONE website that ships internationally that has the owl Keds in a 5.5... but shipping is $45... should i do it ??? Im so close to hitting the Purchase button, i have it bookmarked.

    Ill ring around one more time today to find these owl Keds.. otherwise ill bite the bullet and pay double :sad:

    theyre so cute ill die if i dont have them for summer... :tender:
    I saw them yesterday.. they are my second option !!! They only had kids ones in them though and the size 5 was a little bit tight :crybaby:
  10. Does Keds ship internationally?

    I just ordered these shoes in a size 6.

    Good luck!
  11. Oooh! They have some cute ones. I like these:


  12. guess what !!!!
    i found that im a size 4 in kids sizes !! haha and i tried on the adult 5 and they were too small :/
    how wierd are the sizes !!!! ive got a pair of kids ones on hold for me... yaya!!!!
  13. Yea!!!

    Please post pics when you get yours!