Let's talk about Homework

  1. In the thread on the school sending home fat notices, I noticed that a couple of people referenced the fact that kids today get more homework. For you moms, how much homework do you see your kids getting? Do you think it is too much, just enough, or not enough? I have become interested in this topic because I teach middle school reading and writing and just read a book about homework for one of my professional development classes.

    I'll share some of my views a little later in thread, but I wanted to get your opinions on the subject.

    I know that there will be an interesting discussion in my professional development class next week....
  2. Second graders..about 10 minutes of math and 20 minutes writing assignment. Additional 15-20 minutes of independent reading
  3. Too much, my first grader has at least 30 minutes a night, plus 20 minutes of reading, plus his spelling words are hard so we need to do a bit each night....but I do understand that schools are really pushing and have higher standards to meet.

    My seventh grader is worse, he has at least an hour to an hour and half, usually more like 2 hours a day....and homework almost every weekend, not counting studying for tests....plus book reports and science fair are extra. Granted he has all honors classes, but what gets me is most of the work to me, especially is social studies and english are busy work....worksheets, elaborate maps that have to be colored (with colored pencil only), also he has 30 -50 problems in math each night. When I was in school, we would do the evens on day and odds the next...they do them all. Plus any the miss from the night before they have to redo....and I understand the concept to teach them to slow down and do it right the first time, but it creates a vicious cycle, heaping more and more pressure on them.
  4. My teachers were quite understanding in the past, especially when there are deadlines at the end of the semester. As for the current students, I do feel some sympathy for them as the demand of knowledge is so much higher than before and the pressure to get better results are just tremendous.
  5. I have a third grader and a fifth grader.

    My third grader always has to read 20-25 mins. a night. She gets her spelling words on Monday with the test on Friday. We make her write them each ten times M-T-W, then we quiz her. If she knows them, she will just keep getting quizzed until Friday. They also get a homework packet on Monday, due on Friday. She tends to get it finished right away, so she doesn't have to worry about it. Once a month or so, she gets a "project"... book report, diorama etc. She's pretty good at managing her time so I'd say she puts in at least 30-45 mins. 4X week when those are due.

    The teachers at our school call fifth grade "boot camp"...getting them ready for jr. high. So, the work load has increased. He generally has about 30-60 mins. a day including his spelling words.

    I don't think it's too much. I think it teaches them a lot more than the specifics that they are learning. It teaches them time mgt., natural consequences (if it's not completed) as well as learning how to figure something out if the teacher is not right there.
  6. I have a Kindergartener. He has homework 2x a week. It takes him about 10-15 minutes to complete.
  7. I do think that kids get too much homework. I'm not sure about elementary school anymore - since I am not a teacher, do not have children and...it's been a long time since I've been in Elementary school.

    When I was in High School, I had about 5+ hours of homework every night. Nearly all of my classes were AP classes...And those that weren't, didn't have AP available. MWF we would have to write 3 different DBQs for our History Classes, math would only be around 45 minutes of work, English was about 1.5 hours (depending on what we were doing) and Chemistry/other science classes would be around 45 minutes also. I was also involved in the Band, so I often did not come home until 6pm. After eating dinner and relaxing for a bit, by the time I got started on my work it was around 7:30....Some nights I wasn't done until around midnight...Other nights it was way later...

    Before the AP US History test in my 11th grade year, we wrote DBQs, outlines and summaries like crazy. I can remember going to the library on the Naval Academy (the only one around open late enough! haha) with my 2 best friends, sitting in a study room and going at it until the library closed, then we went to one of their houses and went at it as long as we could. I went to school one day without sleeping. ...Needless to say, that day didn't go very well.

    I think when kids are involved in Advanced classes, the amount of homework they receive doesn't allow them enough time to pursue other activities that they may enjoy, like band/choir/clubs/sports. There are enough hours in the day to do all of these things, but a good number of these kids don't have any time for themselves anymore...and it's sad.
  8. I am 16 in highschool (year 11) and on the 3 days last week when we returned to school I recieved 2 lots of german, biology, french, english, maths coursework, history, physics, geography and chemistry - homework from each lesson and each homework takes about one hour to complete. Coursework is completed over about 3 weeks - I also had biology and chemistry coursework in and tomorrow I have my english language GCSE:s
  9. In high school I was spending about 6-8 hours a night on homework. But before that in elmenemtary school and middle school it was about 1-2 and then 3-4 respectively.
  10. my nephew is in 2nd grade... he spends about 30-45 min. on homework (usually consists of math, reading, spelling).. sometimes he has less or none at all.

    but when i was in elementary school, i never had any homework... not until 5th or 6th grade! i took mostly AP/Honors classes in high school, and i remember spending at least 2-3 hours on homework almost every night. i'm 25 now, so not sure if that's pretty much the same or if students get more or less.
  11. I'm a senior this year and my homework load has gotten only slightly better this year. In previous years I had 6 hours of homework a night, and this year about 4.

    Besides the fact that I don't really like doing homework, homework has prevented me from doing some of my other activities. It's hard to balance sports, clubs, other activities with so much homework. Many kids I know only get a few hours of sleep a night due to all the homework they get. Over the years I've had to drop activities because of my homework load.

    I think AP and honors classes are great. The only problem is that a lot of teachers assign pointless homework that is easy but time consuming. Doing homework doesn't always reinforce that ideas taught in class. And giving so much homework prevents a lot of people from trying new activities. Homework is important, but so is trying new things and learning from them.
  12. My 4th grader son gets about 30 minutes to 1 hour of homework each school day. The school doesn't give out homework assignments over the weekends. :cool:
  13. I'm in high school, and I get abosolutely no homework, aside from the occasional essay or something. I think because I'm in AP, it's assumed that once a concept is explained, that I will understand and memorize it, and not have to practice doing it or anything.
  14. I think that the amount of homework that children receive in public schools nowadays is ridiculous. I simply don't understand why if a child spends 7-8 hours in school why they need to do hours of homework...probably because due to the nature of these schools, more time is spent disciplining children and other nonsense that the academic work gets shelved at times.

    I was homeschooled, and I was only schooled four hours a day. I was more than ready for college; I won a fellowship and other awards.

    I think a lot of the work the schools give children is busy work.
  15. haha..I remember when I woudl tell my mom that I had no homework. Never worked though. And now in college i'm BUSTING MY A*# to catch up again. Do your homework young lady/man! :p