Let's Talk about Evelynes!

  1. yaaaa...i hope everything is so much easier but sadly its not..haha.i can't afford to make same mistake twice.so hv to really put thought on it :smile:
  2. i vote for gold though. if the other evelyne is a bleu electrique go for it!
  3. anyone has any views on evelyne III grey? i don't have a picture but it's the one found on page 3 of this thread, first picture. I saw an indigo blue and just thinking if i should xchange as grey seems a bit dull.
  4. Hi all. I'm new to Hermes, and I have been eyeing the Evelyn. Some basic questions before I take the plunge (the salesperson at Hermes was not very helpful)...

    - the saleslady said there were only two sizes, PM and GM. GM is the bigger one, yes? she also didn't say anything about Evelyn II or III or regular Evelyn. She said that it was just Evelyn and it comes in two sizes. What are the differences between them? How do I know what I am getting?

    - Saleslady said it came in just a handful of colors -- gold, red, etoupe, orange, and maybe 1 or 2 others. but I know Ive seen on this site tons of other colors (navy blue, graphite come to mind). Also, they only seemed to have Clemence leather. True?

    - the Saleslady told me she could not order the color I wanted, that I'd just have to wait for the color I wanted to come in, and they have no idea when they were coming in. I'd just have to leave my name and they'd call when/if they got them. Is this really the best/only way of getting one?

    - what are my options for buying abroad? are they cheaper in France or UK or anywhere else? If so, by how much, and do I have to pay import duties or other things that would negate the benefit of the discount?

    Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in advance!
  5. For the most part you can trust the info you will find on this Forum; there is a lot of valuable knowledge here. Evelynes are available in lots of colors, as you have observed; certainly not just the few your SA mentioned. There are four sizes that I know of: TPM, PM. GM, and TGM. Probably there are dimensions listed on the Forum for all of some of these if you search. Clemence, Epsom, and, recently Grizzly (suede) are all used for Evelynes. The Evelyne III is the style currently in production (adjustable strap and outside pocket)--There is also the Amazone version, I believe, with a striped strap?--and occasionally previous styles may show up in inventory from old stock. I do believe that, with the new rules governing leather goods, your preferred Evelyne probably can't be readily ordered. As to when, or whether, your color choice will ever come in, well, that's another thing altogether! I found prices in France to be cheaper than those in the US, but of course this will depend on the current currency conversion rates and yes, there will be customs duties upon entering your home country. Hope some of this is helpful and others will add more!
  6. Hi everyone,

    Might you be able to shed some light for me on the duo-tone or contrast colour straps for the Evelyne? What are they called? And when might they sell it with? Is it much more expensive? Anyone's input would be a great help!
  7. Amazone straps :cool:
  8. Thanks much! Do they cost a lot more than the usual Evelyn with the normal/usual strap?
  9. Click here

  10. Thanks much! Appreciate it! =)
  11. hi everyone! does anyone know if the evelyn3 comes in canvas material also ? thanks
  12. Anyone know anything about the Evelyn TPM? I asked my SA about it and she only knows about the one with the amazone straps but not the leather.....has anyone gotten one in the US or is this just a Asia region only style?? HELP. TY TY!
  13. they do pop up now and then in the stores..have seen it in all leather in the stores and amazone straps online recently..i think just keep an eye out for them in the stores and online..
  14. Thanks chincac~ it's so adorbs....I hope I get lucky! :smile: