Let's Talk about Evelynes!

  1. I've been eyeing these gorgeous bags for awhile. I'd like to get one for my mama as her first Hermes bag, since she likes shoulder bags so much.

    I understand their are a few basic sizes/types, PM and GM and TPM. My SA said that the PM is around $1700ish and the GM is around $2100ish. I think I like the larger size, is there a benefit to having a pocket? Anyone seen any in BlueJean, I'd love to see this color.

    Post pics of your Evelyne or any you've seen! Are there any benefits to one leather in Evelyn vs. another? Any tips?

    Here are some pics:

    (6.5" x 8") In Box Leather, courtesy of Pandoro1 on eBay.
    Hermes Epson Rouge Vif Pm size

    Hermes Barenia EVELYNE BAG GM 11 x 11
  2. Love Evelynes! I only wish it had leather straps. To share a few pics, here's my beloved Evelyne PM in Natural Barenia.
  3. Evelyne PM2 in Raisin Togo
  4. Evelyne PM2 in Rouge H Clemence (photo courtesy of the Boyz at L-Z)
  5. Evelyne PM2 in Rouge Vermillon Clemence
  6. Evelyne PM 2 Blue Jean Togo
  7. Japster, there's also a TGM size! I prefer the Evelyne 2 version to the old Evelyne.
  8. OOH! I actually saw a bunch of these in the HERMES PAris store..This is one Hermes bag I LOVE!!!
  9. E, what a nice gift for your mom! I find that a softer leather like Clemence, Barenia or Togo work best for the Eveylne; DH picked up a Potiron Epsom for me and I found it to be very stiff which doesn't really work for this particular style. I'd also pick a color where if the canvas on the strap got dirty it wouldn't be too noticeable. I know they are replaceable, but that's just the practical side of me! I think having a pocket inside is great because it's fairly deep and things can get lost otherwise.
  10. I was just looking at the Evelyne today at the SF Hermes. They had the PM and GM in Etoupe Clemence (sorry forgot the prices) and a Black Leather/Canvas GM for $2025.

    I think this is my next H purchase too!
  11. I have etoupe clemence and I love it - slouchy and goes with everything.
  12. i have an etoupe gm and love it....my dad is promising me an orange one for xmas....
  13. I also like the Evelyne II with the pocket better than the original. My mouse has hovered over that wee one Pandoro has for sale SO many times...........if someone doesn't buy it soon, I may be in trouble!

    i also really like the brown canvas/brown leather PM one - nearly bought one a few weeks ago with Sue & Jade, in fact! I intend to own a few Evelynes before long - I think they're very versatile and casual.
  14. Here's another. Evelyne PM in Ebene Barenia.
  15. ^goddamn that's gorgeous!