Let's talk about department store exclusives

  1. So I was in macy's yesterday and they had the cutest bag. It was a reversible tote, but it was light blue canvas and has huge white lozenge coach's printed all over it. It then had a white stripe( i think, might of been blue) across it and white patent straps. the inside pocket was light blue. It was soooo pretty, but I knew if I bought it I wouldn't use it enough.

    They also had khaki ergo's with light blue leather trim.and they had the small patchwork carly's. And they had these coach sneakers that were khaki and had a white stripe on the side and the inside was lined with the ocelot print, pretty cute.

    What cool department store exclusives have you found lately?
  2. The dept stores sell alot of bags in the Shoulder Tote style that the Boutiques don't have. Like the Scarf Print pattern...
  3. I have the Brown leather Ali that was sold at Macy's.
  4. i bought that signature cotton slim tote, but it was HUMONSTEROUS!! so I had to bring it back :sad:
  5. My Swingpack that I am wearing here is a dept store edition (it also came in sand):

  6. I saw the neatest tote at Bloomingdale's, but I don't recall how it was made. I just know I loved it.
  7. there are these shoes that i want SOOOOO badly, that were department store only. i took a picture of the tag while at macy's and showed it to my SA so he could look it up but they aren't in the COACH system. man i loved those shoes...darn these big feet!!!
  8. OMG! Were they Hobos or Totes? If someone possibly can, I NEED a picture of these! I went to Dillard's and Macy's yesterday and no one in my area had anything like this.

    Does anyone remember the thread that came out a few months ago about the Ergo Totes that were available in Japan only? This is a pic from that thread. alexag, did the Ergos you saw look like this one?
  9. Wow, that ergo is adorable! Curse my love of all things blue :p. I also think I recall seeing the new denim in a shoulder bag style at Macy's too. Or maybe I dreamed it, lol.
  10. it was that coloring, but it was an ergo hobo, i think a small one. this was the smith haven mall on long island, you can get contact info and try calling the macys there.
  11. I would also love to get a khaki ergo with light blue trim. I have not seen any in our Macy's though:tdown:. Pls share info if you find them. I looked on Macys.com, but they did not show up in the Coach section.......

    I am also hoping they come out with the ergo in khaki signature with the black ebony trim!!!!!!!
  12. Ok.. I am on a ban, but i figure it doesn't count since I used gift certificates for today's purchases. I thought I would post a pic here because it is a department store exclusive tote. Check it out:

  13. yes that is the tote i saw. i couldn't remember it so clearly, cuz i was in soo many stores that day, but that's it! it is really a gorgeous bag, congrats.
  14. My Macy's does have the Signature Stripe Denim Shoulder Tote... I just had to purchase her... She's gorgeous!!
  15. rethreads, that bag is CUTE! Do you know if there are or did you see any matching accessories for that Tote? What is the name and style number of it?