let's talk about costume jewelry!

  1. do you have any? Do you love it? post pics!

    i just got my first chanel item in vegas (rhinestone earrings) and fell in love!

    :heart: :smile:
  2. Yup, here's a few pieces:



  3. I have the small rhinestone earrings too & they are fabulous!
  4. I have 3 pairs of earrings and a necklace (Christmas and V-day gifts from my parents :love: ). I really wanted the heart earrings or necklace from the Cruise collection a couple years ago but by the time I decided I wanted it, it was gone :sad:
    Now I'm in hot pursuit of the new(er) acrylic bangle and ring with the metal charms in it. I'd LOVE to have one or both of those pieces.
  5. i love my earrings too!! i get sooo many compliments when i wear them! heeheee.
  6. my Chanel jewelry collection
    chaneljewelry.jpg 78_1.jpg 49_1.jpg
  7. ^ woah! awesome pieces!
  8. i love the cc earrings. does anyone know how much they retail for? I do not have any chanel jewlery. What would you recommend to start???
  9. You all have beautiful jewelry - I WISH I wore more!! I had to teach myself how to wear a ring after I got married - my first instinct was to take it off and thow it in my purse - lol!!
  10. Wow I love those! :love:
  11. Just a few of my pieces.
    chanel hoops.jpg chanel necklace.jpg Chanel studs.jpg
  12. I'd start with the crystal CC studs. I think they start around $185 now?
    I'm not certain since mine were gifts and prices have increased since I got them. But I think Jeshika just got hers so she can tell you for sure :yes:
  13. indeed i did and i am loving them! heehee.

    mine are the medium and they go for $210. I believe the small ones are $185 and are, according to the SA, about half the size of the medium. I'm thinking of getting the small ones too... heehee. :girlsigh:
  14. Very nice pieces Erica!! Love the necklace
  15. WOW... everyone has such nice stuff - I LOVE IT ALL!!