Let's talk about Coach Secret Santa for those who are playing

  1. I am so excited about Secret Santa. I thought it would be fun if everyone shared their progress & throughts.

    Have you shopped? Have you asked your 'buddy' questions? Where are you at in the price range?

    I've got my shopping almost done and I've had so much fun. I hope my buddy loves her gifts. The question asking on Elfster was a big help. When I'm finished I'll be in the middle to upper part of the price range for the exchange, around $50, which I feel really good about.

    Is everyone else having as much fun as I am?
  2. I"m going shopping after work either today or tomorrow. I'm excited! I love shopping for other people! I'm adding a couple things to my list so I hope my Secret Santa hasn't finished up yet...
  3. Yeah I love shopping. Ive ordered one thing online and have to go to the store to finish. It is very excited! Ill be at the high end of the price cap. Maybe. If they still have what she wants by then.
  4. I am all done shopping!! Ha ha...no not really I mean I could be done but I am sure I will find a couple more things before I send it out. I am in the middle of the price range.

    The person who has me has asked me a whole bunch of questions. It's fun!
  5. i have begin shopping but no where near done. i don't know how much i will have spent when i am done. i never keep track and with the one coach purchase, i am already over the minimum so that is all that matters...lol... i love this!
  6. I have been asked a lot of questions so it's pretty fun :smile:
    I wish I were not going through such a tough time financially right now because I'd like to buy more than a couple things and spoil my person but I will try to wrap it pretty at least :sad: At least I can get things that are on their list!
  7. I have a question. The person I am buying for has been asked a lot of questions (but not by me). I thought "OK maybe everyone gets asked some basic questions to answer" but I checked my profile and I haven't been asked any questions. I am kind of confused. Are other people asking people in the group questions even though they aren't mailing them?
  8. oops that was me before we picked buddies..... i didn't know how the question thing worked so i picked a random person and asked. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. My goodness I am so baaad!! I have getting stuff ready for my son's 1st b-day that I haven't shopped so this weekend is my shoppping time!
  10. I am having so much fun shopping for my buddy. I have a very small family and love spreading the Holiday Cheer where ever I can.
  11. I haven't started shopping yet but I will this weekend! I need to ask my buddy some questions!
  12. *whew* No problem. I was just afraid I messed something up!
  13. I am almost done w/ my shopping. It is so fun !!! By the time I am done, I'll probably be in the mid or upper price range.
  14. I started shopping the day I got my buddy!! I think the price range is quite broad...I just saw the $75 at first and then only when I re-read the original post did I realize it was $20-75. I am towards the upper range...
  15. I've started shopping, too! I love reading the questions and answers everyone has posted... does it give anything away if we post our real names here? I'd like to put a screenname to the names on the exchange...