let's talk about box..what care is required? now I'm worried

  1. Now that I purchased an orange box birkin, I'm concerned :sweatdrop:about its durability. Does anyone else have box in a vibrant color? how has it held up? I know old box gets an amazing patina which glows, but is that only in the darker colors? will my beautiful bag :love:age terribly? SA didn't tell me anything about how to care for it, and now that I signed away all that $$$, I'm having buyers remorse :s
  2. I have black box and the thing I most try to be careful with is not banging the corners against walls and moisture. That is about it. Mine has been caught in the rain and I wiped it down without damage but I've heard of people getting blisters on their bags from water. So water would be the main thing I would advise you against.

    That and just try to enjoy it without focusing on the scratches that it will acquire. Box cannot patina as well without abundant usage and abundant usage inevitably means handling it and scratching it so if you can get over the mental part of that you are likely to enjoy it more. Hermes can always touch up corners. Enjoy it as Orange Box is a rare and beautiful thing!
  3. Oh Please Send Pics! Congratulations!
  4. Thank you, Gazoo. I feel a bit better now. My philosophy has been that H bags are meant to be used and enjoyed, but switching to box and a bright color at the same time has given me a panic attack!
  5. Congratulations on your new acquisition! I own 3 box calf birkins (2 black and 1 rouge H) ranging in age from 16 years old to 2 years old. I carry one just about every day and enjoy them to the fullest. I am, however, very careful about not allowing rain (or moisture in general) to touch them. Other than that, they go in for an Hermes cleaning/conditioning approximately every 2 years. My oldest bag looks just as beautiful as my newest.

    Relax and enjoy!!!
  6. Thank you, Luciana12 for the reassurance.
  7. Oh! I can't wait to see the reveal!!
  8. audreyhepburn, congratulations on your recent acquisition. :woohoo: Apart from the rain/water, I think you don't have to worry about wearing it. Enjoy it to the fullest!

    Would you please post some pictures of it? I'm mighty curious what an Orange Box looks like. ;)
  9. yeah, love to see your orange box....

    i have seen some tPF member Ice Chick's items like rouge H box Jige that has patina & sheen...beautiful..
  10. My ebene box kelly has stood up well to wear and tear. ITA with everyone on avoiding rain and the first time my ring scratched the leather lightly I freaked out, but afterwards you just get over it.
  11. The other thing about BOX leather is that the more patina it gets, the more the leather becomes so brilliant/shiny that you really don't "see" the scratches but only see the beautiful sparkle of the patina. I hope I am making sense here. The shine and brilliance outshine scratches after time.
  12. Ha, ha.. i know what u mean. I have acquired a Toundra box kelly for more than a month and it is still lying in the box. Some how i just can't find a occasion that doesn't seem too hazardous for the box.
  13. it turns out the SA misled me. according to TPF, my bag is swift....
  14. and you can see the reveal of my swift orange birkin under my thread "enable me, please...."
  15. Swift is great! I love love love love swift! You have the exact orange Birkin I would have wanted for myself. Congratulations on such a great score!