Lets talk about bat-$hit crazy eBay buyers/sellers

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  1. I'm in the middle of an eBay transaction with a seller who seriously needs to be medicated. Thought this might make an interesting conversation.

    OK, I'll start.

    I bought a Coach lanyard with little hearts on it to give to my niece as a little Valentine's Day gift. Buy it now and paid immediately $25.00 + $2.00 shipping. Estimated arrival 2/6-2/7. Seller lives in my state. On 2/4 when I realized that the item wasn't marked shipped I emailed the seller asking for status and if it was shipped I asked her to provide me with the tracking info.

    She responded on 2/5 that she had shipped it on 2/4 and I should 'relax it's on it's way'

    I again emailed her asking again for tracking because I wanted to know when to expect it.

    She replied that there is no tracking, she can't afford the added expense and again suggested I relax.

    I KNOW that when you buy purchase thru eBay AND at the post office counter, tracking is FREE. I emailed her back telling her that there is no charge for First Class Mail tracking, told her that buyers appreciate the info and that getting tracking protects the sender in case of a non-receipt claim.

    This where the bat-$**** crazy starts:

    1. I have a lot of nerve telling her what to do.
    2. How dre I expect delivery confirmation when the auction page says nothing about it
    3. I need to learn to read.
    4. I don't know what her situation and FYI, she's got medical bills to pay.
    5. I need to leave her alone

    All in all there have been 8 emails from her ranting and raving. I stopped responding about 5 emails ago. Below is the copy/paste from her last message to me. Wow. Just WOW. Oh, and I should mention that she has over 1100 feedbacks .

    "I'll recap. Nowhere in the listing did I mention letting you know when it would be shipped, or that I would provide tracking info. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT????

    Please, just go away. Far, far away."

    Ok ladies, lets hear your tales of crazy!
  2. Tracking is not free at the po, in fact it has just been increased to S1.05......so you were saying?
  3. Tracking is extra on regular mail and I believe it is $1.05 with this latest increase. Now you get free tracking on priority mail shipments but of course those cost a little more as well.
  4. I'm surprised she'd be so rude to you if haven't left feedback on the transaction yet (unless her feedback score already isn't terrific, in which case she won't care.)

    I just went to my ebay/shipping page to check, but every option for shipping (Priority, Parcel Select and First Class) on the form is showing "USPS Tracking - Free" on it. Maybe that's just a bonus if you use the Ebay label system, though, vs actually going to the PO, I'm really not sure.

    Good luck - I hope you get your item soon, and that you're happy with it.
  5. I buy and sell a bit on ebay and have for more than a decade.

    USPS tracking is free when you use purchase the postage through the ebay system and pay immediately. There is also a special ebay discount on priority mail shipping. Shipping through ebay is absolutely the way to go. You save a ton of time and a little money by just printing your label with tracking, attaching it to the package, and dropping it off. Otherwise, a nice long wait in line at the post office awaits.

    So, the OP's seller may have done that. Went to the post office to mail the package and then just sent it regular mail without tracking.
  6. I can't figure out why any ebay seller WOULDN'T just purchase/ship via ebay then, if it's cheaper AND more convenient, especially since this seller said she has a medical condition, which could make it more difficult for her to get to the PO *shrugs*
  7. Her responses to you are so unprofessional. I completely understand why you would be upset over this transaction.
  8. If you don't do tracking wont the buyer be able to claim item not received? Not saying OP would do this, but I would expect some type of tracking any time I'm paying for shipping, but I guess maybe I shouldn't assume that.

    Anyway back to topic, the sellers responses definitely seem strange especially if OP stopped responding and seller kept responding.... She's risking bad feedback with that.... Telling OP to go away? Lol that is just strange and unnecessary.

    So far I've had decent luck on ebay... I try to keep my communications short and sweet though!
  9. By the way, she is also wrong when she says "Nowhere in the listing did I mention letting you know when it would be shipped.."
    When setting up an ebay listing, you have to provide your handling time, which ebay uses to calculate the estimated delivery date. Handling time means how long until you mail it.

    Also if she didn't get tracking, you could just claim you didn't get it and get your money back from ebay. Even if you do get it, there's no way she can prove you did. As a seller, that is really stupid on her part.
  10. Me either. If it is first class mail, she can then just drop it into a mailbox or leave it in hers for pickup. For priority, they'll pick it up for free from your home. I don't understand why I see these sellers that still say you'll have to wait for your package because they only go to the post office once a week.
  11. I agree. When I sell items, I always purchase the shipping directly through ebay. It also automatically uploads the tracking number into their system and sends the buyer an email with the information. Even 1st class mail (items that weigh 13 oz or less) will get a tracking number when you purchase through the ebay system. And, of course, I then have proof I shipped the item.

    OP, I hope the item shows up but if it doesn't you'll have a rock solid claim without her having any proof of shipping. A big hassle for you though so I'm sorry.
  12. I was saying......well, nevermind. You missed the whole point.
  13. Her responses are outrageous. No class.
  14. No, you missed the point - its not free if you don't go through ebay.
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    Maybe the seller does not have a shipping scale?

    The only guaranteed mail for USPS is Express. Priority, First Class and Media are not guaranteed. The east coast is recovering from severe ice storms and power outages. It looks like you live in Berks County so I am sure you have heard the news.

    I tell my buyers about 7-14 business days for Priority and First Class Mail.

    I am also hearing that post offices in the tri-county area may not be open. One eBay seller went to several POs to find one that had power. I am still taking detours to work due to road closures. Roads in my area are also closed.