Lets take LV inventory!!

  1. Mono Alma
    Mono Pochette accessoires
    Mono Deauville
    Mono Wapity
    Damier Monosque GM
    Epi Speedy 25
    waiting for delivery of
    Mono Pegas 60
    Mono Evasion

    Need more purses!!
  2. Okay, I am new and lame (hee hee hee) but becoming as obsessed as the rest of you!!
    speedy mono 30
    pochette accessories
    (and about to get my PTI)!!!!!

  3. Ok, you NEED to adopt me!!!!!
  4. Not much here...
    Damier Speedy 25
    Popincourt Haut
    Mono Papilon 26
    Mono Compact Zipped
  5. Wow!! some of these lists leave mine in the dust!!..so let's see:

    1. Mono accessory pochette
    2. Speedy 30
    3. Mini Looping Bag
    4. Montsouris (backpack)
    5. Mini Mono Josephine PM
    6. Pink Perfo. Pochette
    7. Cerise Pochette
    8. Hair Cubes
    9. LV keychain extender
    10. Mini Pochette

    Waiting for....
    1. Mirror Line Speedy (silver)
    2. Fringe Line Speedy (white)
    3. Panda cles
  6. I. Damier Speedy 25 Newest purchase
    2. Perfo Musette Fushia
    3. Perfo Mules Fushia
    3. Damier bucket w/pochette
    4. MC Blanc Audra
    5. MC Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois
    6. Damier zip wallet bought with the Speedy
    7. Credit card holder
    8. Ludlow wallet
    9. Wapity case
    10. Coin purse
    11. Mini Speedy
    12. Multipli-cité
    13. Theda pm
    14. Miroir Speedy Silver (waiting listed)
    15. Keepall 60 Mono
    That's all for now! I'm still upset with my hubby so I am waivering on the purchase button at elux. So there will be a 16,17 and 18 sooooon!
  7. Ellipse PM
    Long Strap Damier Musette Salsa
    Damier Speedy 30
    Monogram Mini Pochette Accessories
    Monogram Small Agenda
  8. I have a very short list :shame:

    - Mono Speedy 30
    - Damier Speedy 30
    - Epi pochette
    - Black MC wapity
    - French purse
    - Pochette Cosmetique
    Next on the list is a BH or a myrtle Alma.
  9. I've got a very short list.. boo !

    - Monogram Pochette Accessories
    - Monogram Speedy 25
    - Monogram Popincourt Haut
    - Monogram Batignolles Horizontal
    - Monogram Batignolles Vertical

    - Monogram Pochette Cles (x2)
    - white MC Pochette Cles
    - bolt pochette extender
    - crossbody pochette strap
    - blue flower bandeau
  10. OMG!!! You are the Queen! You have so many! Wonderful collection! Hope you have big closets..:biggrin:
  11. 1. Mono Speedy 25
    2. Mandarin Epi Speedy 25
    3. Mono Cabas Piano
    4. Silver Vernis Reade PM
    5. Cerises Pochette (smaller one that came with the bucket)
    6. Mono Ludlow
    7. Framboise Vernis Small Ring Agenda
    8. Orange Perforated Cles
    9. Panda Cles
    10. Beige Small Inclusion Bracelet, but I might exchange it for the Cherry Blossom Belt or a pair of shoes :graucho:
  12. Here's mine:

    1. Mandarin Epi Cles
    2. Black Epi Noe

    3. Red vernis key cles
    4. Fuschia Lexington
    5. Rose Lexington
    6. Violet Vernis Reade
    7. Violet Vernis Ludlow
    8. Rose Vernis Broome Wallet
    9. Rose Vernis Columbus
    10. Rose Mott (in possession of my 3 year old niece!!)

    Cherry Blossom
    11. Brown/pink Cherry Blossom Papillon

    12. Black MC Speedy 30

    13. Vintage Mono Keepall

    14. Black MC Spa Mules
    15. Fuschia Spa Mules

    16. LV (limited edition) Print

    If I have to mention what I got rid of, I'm not sure I could remember, but here is most of what I've had and sold or traded:

    Mono Speedy 25, Black MC Mini Speedy, Black MC key cles, Black MC port monnaie plat, Black MC mirror, red/cream cherry blossom papillon, silver Grafitti pouchette, Cerise pouchette, Panda pouchette, brown/pink Cherry Blossom pouchette, Mandarin Epi Alma, Marshmallow Charlotte Mules, Marshmallow billfold wallet, VIP Speedy key chain, lavender vernis key cles. I think that's it!!

    FYI - When Carol (caanie) posts her inventory, I'm pretty sure she will be crowned Queen of LV! Her inventory is insane!!!
  13. Love everyone's collections!

    Here's mine: (small, but hope to add more soon)

    1. Trotteur
    2. Looping MM
    3. Epi dinard
    4. Vernis key and change holder
    5. Epi french purse
    6. Monogram billfold and coin
  14. Bags:

    Mono Speedy 30
    MC Wh. Speedy 30
    Cerise Speedy
    Damier Speedy 30 (should be here anyday...just re-bought it..) ugh!:rolleyes:
    Ellipse PM
    Papillion 26
    Cite MM
    Vavin PM
    Mono Poch. Access.
    MC Wh. Poch. Access.
    Baggy GM (Fuchsia)


    Sm. Ring agenda
    Mono ipod cover
    MC Wh. wapity
    Mono Ludlow
    Key ring extender thingy for pochettes

    LV: Birth of Modern Luxury Bk.

    Thinking about/not sure list:

    Pop H.
    PTI wallet in Mono
    French Purse in Vernis Fuchsia
    Marais <<----maybe next yr. in June...that's if nothing comes out in Fall or next Spring that I don't like...

    I don't know right now...I'm pretty happy with I have...just gonna enjoy them for a yr. :love:
  15. my list is short:

    epi speedy 25
    mono speedy 25

    lv - the birth of modern luxury