Lets take LV inventory!!

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  1. I have seen many threads asking what bags on on your wish list but I'm wondering how many bags each of us currently has and which ones.

    I'll start ----not including accesories

    1. Pochette mono
    2. White Mutlicolor Speedy
    3. Mizi mono
    4. Denim Baggy GM (blue)
    5. Neo Speedy (blue)
    6. Denim baggy GM (pink)
    7. Mussette mono
    8. Manhattan Gm
    And I still long for more. :heart: :heart: :heart:
    LOL :lol:

    I'm going to list the LV's that I used to have as well

    --Mono Sac Plat
    --Speedy 35
  2. My list of bags is short:

    1. White MC Trouville
    2. Mono Hundson
    3. Mono Manhattan PM
    4. Mono Ceresis Pochette
    5. White MC Pochette

    Lots of accessories though!
  3. Mono Speedy 30
    Epi Speedy 30 in Mandarin
    Epi Noe in Yellow
    Abbesses Messenger Bag
  4. Is this where I see my list and admit that I really have too many?

    Batignolles Horizontal
    Vavin GM
    Ellipse PM
    Mono speedy 25
    mono speedy 30
    damier speedy 25
    Black epi speedy 25 (just got it yesterday!)
    Red Epi Alma
    Cabas Piano
    Popincourt Haut
    Saleya PM
  5. Not much for me - yet:

    Mono Speedy 25
    Damier Speedy 25
    Epi red/silver Speedy 25

    Hopefully will get more!! LOL
  6. 1. White MC Pochette
    2. Black MC Pochette
    3. Panda Pochette
    4. Pink CB Pochette
    5. Black Eye Miss You
    6. White Eye Need You
    7. Graffiti Alma PM
    8. Graffiti Alma MM
    9. Graffiti Speedy 30
    10. White Fringe Speedy 25
    11. White MC Alma
    12. Black MC Speedy 30
    13. Cerises Speedy 25
    14. Mono Mizi
    15. Mizi Vienna
    16. Mandarin Epi Speedy 30
    17. Damier Speedy 30
    18. Ellipse PM
    19. Montsouris GM
    20. Keepall 60
    21. Cabas Alto
    22. Petit Noe in Mono
    23. Papillon 30
    24. French Co. Speedy 30
    25. Neo Speedy
    26. Blue Le Fabuleux
    27. Manhattan GM
    28. Panda Cles
    29. Petit Noe in Epi

    I think that's it (for now:lol:) not including accesories.
  7. My list is nonexistent compared to LV_addict's!!

    Mono Speedy 30
  8. Ugh, i hardly have any anymore! Soooo, I'll include accessories!

    White MC Speedy
    Black MC Speedy
    Black MC Cosy Purse
    White MC Berlingot
    Mono makeup pouch (forget the real name!)
    ***Getting Damier Speedy 30 an prob. about a week...)

    I USED to have:
    Mono Speedy 25
    Mono Speedy 35
    Mono Petit Noe
    Mono card holder
    Damier Ribera MM
    Panda Pochette
    Cerise Cles
    Cerise silk scarf
    Mono PTI
    Manhattan PM
    Blue Denim Baggy PM
    Fuschia Denim Speedy
    Brown/Pink Cherry Blossom Retro
    Mono Mini HL
  9. I don't have that many either. This includes accessories.

    1. Monogram Manhattan PM
    2. Monogram Popincourt Haut
    3. Monogram Speedy 25
    4. Monogram Batignolles Horizontal
    5. Monogram Musette Salsa
    6. Monogram Pochette Marelle
    7. Monogram Wapity
    8. Multicolore Trouville
    9. Multicolore Shirley
    10. Multicolore Pochette Accessoires
    11. Multicolore Wapity
    12. Damier Papillon 30
    13. Monogram Vernis Bedford
    14. Monogram Mat Shelton
    15. Monogram Mat Medium Agenda
    16. Monogram Denim Neo-Speedy
    17. Suhali L'Epanoui GM

    And apparently, that's still not enough :whistle:

    YIKES :shocked:
  10. Irene, You are the LV Queen!! You ROCK!!
  11. Monogram Manhattan PM

    *hides head in shame*

    Oh, to be Irene!
  12. I think STAR is still LV queen on here!!!:king: But I am proud to say that I am headed for that LV padded cell very soon!!!:lol:

  13. ^^^ Oh my God! :shocked:

    Lucky lady. :yes:
  14. Have
    Monogram Alma
    Twin GM
    Damier small agenda
    Passport Wallet
    pochette cles

    Will have soon
    Cabas Mezzo

    Used to have
    pochette accessories
    french wallet
    bill fold
    petite noe
  15. Batignolles Vertical
    Mono Speedy 30
    Cerise Speedy
    Mandarine Epi pochette