Let's start guessing!

  1. I pick up my new LV tomorrow! I am so excited!!!!! I paid for it over the phone on monday and literally less than 24 hours later, it was here in MI on Tuesday, ready for pick up!


    I had it made for me but it is not technically a special order

    It comes in a variety of sizes, and colors from different lines

    I only know of one person on here and that person has 3 of them and all are different...

    A couple people on here know already so SSSSHHHH!!!! :yahoo:
  2. no other hints ?
  3. It comes in a variety of sizes, and colors from different lines> Must be a speedy or keepall ?
  4. MATT TELL ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate surprises LOL
  5. Not a speedy OR a keepall!!
  6. Shoes/sandals?
  7. Not a shoe or sandal
  8. A messanger bag!!!!
  9. ^^ in MC!!!!
  10. LV denim Jacket!!!!.. just like Mariah has

    What's the prize for me Matt???
  11. It's not a special order tr444... but I placed the order for them to make it because I refused to buy the display model...
  12. I have a denim jacket like Mariah lol

    if you guess it, you get a free le fab HAHA lol

  13. So, I'm close aren't I???? It's some kind of messanger bag!!!
  14. no, it's not a messenger bag, keepall, or speedy? why would I buy a speedy lol
  15. Ooooo. I know, a suitcase of some sort!!!! Or a wallet, or a passport cover, or a agenda, or a pair of shoes!!! Or a belt.