Lets shop! I just won ...

  1. 100 million dollars, i'm going to give each one here 5K to shop at coach/eBay for coach what are you buying?

    Guess i'll start.
    [​IMG] can you tell i like shoes :smile:

    Guess I need a few handbags now :smile:

    Stripe signature tote in punch :smile: need a cute summer bag
    these will go with my punch bag and scribble tote :smile:

    Carly (med) in Chilli leather
    Carly (large) in khaki/beet
    Carly (slim) in black

    Chelsea in
    Black White and KHAKI OPTIC
  2. Why thank you!! First I'll start by taking you to lunch!!:party:
  3. Awesome, then canwe go to coach shopping ?
  4. I would like to order the legacy shoulder bag (the two pockets style) in every possible colors please!!!!! :greengrin:
  5. ^^lol
  6. I would like a large bunch of (with every size and variety) of Lilies :flowers::flowers::flowers:
  7. 5k?! Thats very generous, thank you! Let's shop!!!:smile:
  8. It would have to be my Legacy Shoulder Spectator bag, the wallet, and shoes to match. I would have to buy my mom a purse and wallet to match as well. With the rest of the money I would give back to you to give to someone else.
  9. Bag Fetish, what shoes are these???? I love them! :love:

  10. A Miranda in white
    Lg Carly in every color
    Gretta sandals
    3x5 Agenda
    Cosmetic Case in pink
    Breast Cancer heart charm
    & those scribble sandals =]