Let’s share your April goodies.. ;)

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  1. Hi everyone.. April is here.. Please share your Chanel.. ;)
  2. Was purchased on 1st April in the morning.. I think this is the 1st transaction on that day..
    My square WOC..
  3. Beautiful! Could you share modeling photos please?
  4. Beautiful WOC Balen.Girl!! I have the chevron square WOC and I love carrying it, it’s so convenient and easy to use. Congrats!!
  5. okay this was meant to be! i was just looking for some info about the square WOC, saw a YT review video on the chevron reissue one and thought it was so cute! can i ask if the price is the same as the classics? ($2500)
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  6. This is awesome! The WOC in square is a great look!
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  7. IMG_9586.JPG My latest purchase. So in :heart: with this bag.
  8. Thank you!
  9. After waiting a few weeks this lovely 18S beige Coco handle finally made it home just in time for Easter! I wasn’t really into Coco handles since I’m not a handheld bag kinda girl but this combo has definitely captured my heart . Hopefully now I can take a Chanel break!

  10. She’s beautiful, may I ask the price as I want to get another as I have the red one and luv it.

    Congrats on the Beige.
  11. Thank you, CPA! Your red is absolutely gorgeous! Such an eye candy ️! I could just keep staring for hours!

    This size was $4000, but I’m not sure if this is a small or medium (I couldn’t compare these sizes)? The SA told me it was a medium, but I thought minis were $3700? I would like to know what size this is as well hehe!
  12. Ahh! I love this classic also! Congrats!
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  13. In love with this cardholder
  14. My contribution to the thread, a coco handle in navy blue. I only pass by the boutique and wanted to look. My hubby insists on buying it, I think he saw the look on my eyes when the SA pulled this out.


    There goes Chanel purchase for 2018, I only buy 1 item a year.
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