Let's share! Who have you seen IRL?


Mar 6, 2006
Is this a weird thread?? :smile:
I've seen... Nicky Hilton (Very tall, skinny), Sarah Jessia Parker (petite, skinny), Susan Surandon and her hubby, Reese Witherspoon (she was shorter than I thought she would be.. but she was so lovely!), Sofia Coppola, Karl Lagerfeld (is he a celebrity??)...
hm.. I can't think of anybody else now.. How about you guys??
Mar 13, 2006
I saw (not met) Tom Brady at an Auto Show last year. Some radio station was interviewing him! He's SOOOOO H-O-T!

I knew Laura Branigan personally. I used to work with her...so sad that she passed away. She was such a LOVELY woman!

I saw Lenny Kravitz on the street in LA. I was on a tour bus when we passed him (the tour guide announced it...lol).

And I think that's it...Oh, and I saw Diane Lane when she was filming "Unfaithful" (man, I LOVE that movie...one of my all time favorites!) in NYC.

I like this thread!


Mar 30, 2006
Oohh.. we stood next to Suzanne Somers waiting for her limo at the Ivy (she was wearing pink manolo's). Saw David Spade & Salma Hayek (beautiful), Dyan Cannon in the Neiman's shoe dpt with her Chihahuas, Rosanna Arquette at a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Malibu, Andrew Dice Clay, Jack Nicholson, Cast of Will & Grace (went to a taping), Dana Carvey, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Wanda Sykes, the star of Yes Dear, several of the cast of King of Queens, Ralphie May, Emilio Estevez, Janet Jackson, Henry Winkler, Christina Aguillera (in Fred Segal), Liam Neeson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, & David Letterman .... We will be seeing Julia Roberts at the end of April in her new Broadway play too. It sure is alot 'o fun to see them IRL.


Feb 6, 2006
^wow. lol. and hey! tv tapings don't count! lol. if that's the case, then I've seen the cast of Will & Grace, FRIENDS, Joey, What I Like About You and That 70's Show all at tv tapings (not all at once of course. lol).

you'd think i'd see people ... working at SCP, but I haven't. At SCP:
Ant (that one annoying gay comedian that guests on VH1's I love the 80's/90's), 1 of the Williams Sisters (either Venus or Serena, couldn't tell).. and a few vietnamese "celebs" haha.. i quote that cuz they're not really celebs, but more of "well known". they certainly don't live like celebs.. they drive camry's and accord's. haha.

although, one trip to LA, and I saw a slew of people:
Nicole Ritchie in front of Gucci, LV closed to the public (!!), and saw a glimpse of a Simpson sister walking out the back of the store, Christina Aguilera at the Abbey in WeHo, and Reese/Ryan/kids at a boba shop in Santa Monica.
Dec 6, 2005
Cindy Crawford, way back during the Richard Gere years, at a grcoery store in Va! She was stunning, in like sweats and no makeup I gasped really! Wyclef Jean in Jamaica with his lovely wife, he was so NICE and invited us to a New Year's Party, that was a thrill! Stevie Wonder and his band, he travels with a ton of security but was so friendly! Grant Hill, and some members of the Saudi Royal Family, it was like money was falling off of them!


Feb 26, 2006
About 20 years I worked at a four seasons hotel at front desk and we had tons of celebrities so too many to count - for real! I will say however, that I will never forget meeting Audrey Hepburn for like, 5 seconds, as she was checking out. WOW! what a woman! She was grace and elegance personified, you can't even believe how much.


Balenciaga's lover
Oct 29, 2005
Tobey Maguire when I was an Extra in his first Spiderman movie yrs ago. He was alot shorter than I thought but very nice but I was more interested in his stunt doubles. They were all hot and buff! Saw Kid Rock with his model gf at Irvine Spectrum. He was wearing this huge fur coat and funky high platform boots in the summer! His bodyguards were so rude and they pushed my friends and I away just so they can get thru. Former NY mayor Guliani at a dinner party and got to shake his hand and take a photo with him. I remember I got shy and was star struck for some reason when I tried to introduce myself.

As for concerts: Celine Dion, Linkin Park, Blink 182, Green Day, Snoop Dogg, etc. And other TV Tapings...


Sofa King Marple
Feb 23, 2006
:lol: In concert...
Katie Melua, Charlatans, Ocean Colour Scene

In the street...
Phil Mitchell (Steve Mcfadden) from Eastenders and his girlfriend on and off screen at the time, Lisa (Lucy Benjamin) in Devon, UK, 3 years ago - and he said Hi to me - she didn't!:P

Atomic Kitten on stage for a radio show.
Sharon Davies at school - sportsperson.
The Queen - she unveiled a plaque on the town hall wall - i stood like, 2 foot away from her!:lol:
Princess Anne - drove through my town centre waving at everyone

Um...and several other not so famous people...can't recall the names so i'm guessing they're not that big!;) :biggrin:


Flaunt your Fringe
Dec 7, 2005
I go to the KY Derby every year and I see celebrities all the time. I've met Britney Spears on her Oops tour. I worked at Wet Seal at the time and she came in to shop. I met Chino Moreno from the Deftones when I was 14. I broke my wrist at the show and so he talked to me after the show while I waited fro my dad to come get me to take me to the hospital. I hung out with the Get Up Kids at KrazyFest in 1999.