Let's share pics of wishlists from louisvuitton.com!

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  1. Hi friends,

    I thought this would be fun thing to share: if you create a wishlist on LV website and care to share a screenshot, post it here! Mine changes all the time, but this is the current version. :smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393355043.510752.jpg
  2. greAt idea! 😜 have to do it first.... lol
  3. Those are nice for wishlist! :graucho:
    May I ask what electronic did you use to get your wishlist to apear in rows like that? :P
    I have tons of wishlist but my iPhone photo shost show only two items per pictures...I am not sure if I should post them since their is 8 photos. :sweatdrop:
    And I am not even done with finishing my wishlist of list I want. :lol:
  4. Niicee! I hope you are getting some of the smaller items before the price increase next week. The keep-it is $210, I would get that now. :graucho:
  5. That's how it looks like on the site. Looks like op did a screenshot.
  6. Hi there, I did just a print screen from Safari webpage on iPad Mini. I didn`t realize that it is probably not that easy task on other devices. :shame: Print screen on iPad is done in the same way as on iPhone. Just press home button and power button at the same time. :smile: But 8 photos from iPhone will be perfectly fine as well! :graucho:
  7. Please do! :cool:
  8. Hahaa! You enabler! ;) I have already been to LV twice this month! I need to behave a little! LOL
  9. +1

  10. bad idea for my credit card I guess..., lol
  11. Ah okay! :lol:
    Here is mine then...showing the least expensive item to the highest priced.
    -I also want the ZCP in Monogram, DE, DA canvas, Epi, and one in empreinte.
    -I also want the Braza Wallet in Monogram Canvas.
    -I would prefere Citadin in the blue or terre color.
    -I want Mon Mono keepall instead dof the regular keepall.
    -For 2014-I woud try to get the District MM, Milo, ZCP Mono Idylle in Encre and the Speedy Voyage in Encre along with one Gucci bag. :P

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  12. Wow. Impressive wish list, Luxe! Thank you for taking the time to share! :smile: ZCP is the best. I can understand why you want to have multiple. I also like the Milo bag. Never seen one before is it from the men's line?
  13. Yes, the Milo is from the Mens line-part of the Taiga leather line. :smile:
    I never took notice either untill I saw the name...and I just felt the need to have it since it quite ryhmes with my turtle name-Melo! :amuse:
    I'm hoping to get the bag sometime this year before it potencially it could be discontinued...especially the color. I notice it not avaiable in any part of Europe online store. So I'm definently taking Europe online store as a hunch that the bag dosn't have a long staying power. :noworry:
  14. i agree...i think i really like this game..