Let's share July 2017 Purchase..

  1. My new LVoe..

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  2. IMG_1322.JPG My July baby ......
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  3. Oooh no.. I wrote the title wrongly.. supposed to be 2017.. not 2016.. :smile:
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  4. July 1 purchases. Can't wait to wear them
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  5. My new addition bought on July 1.
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  6. Off to a bang for sure.. lol.
  7. Just picked up this little gem July 1st!
    IMG_6078.JPG IMG_6113.JPG
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  8. Thank you I looked at a few styles before deciding but I am super pleased. It really is no wonder this model of bag has been around for so long, it is so easy to use.
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  9. Gorgeous! Great way to kick off the July thread!
  10. My new LV purchase since 2015... The Josephine Wallet in RB
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  11. I went to my local LV to pick up two items today and they weren't available in any of the boutiques.
  12. Oh no massive disappointment. What were you after?
  13. I wanted a neo noe in rose poudre and a bandeau. I had them check in Neimans first she said none in our entire mall (Saks, free standing store etc) I still went to my SA just to check. He said no too!
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  14. I was in Bond Street London on Saturday and they did not have any Neo Noe at all. Good luck with your search.