Let's share cool accessories

  1. Here is some photos of cute CHANEL accessories ! That's the mix old and new collection. Hope you enjoy viewing them :yes:
  2. and.....
  3. Here is the 3rd set
  4. omg i want everything, i need to win the lottery
  5. Great thread!

    Love everyone's goodies!
  6. Thanks for the lovely eye candy. :biggrin:
  7. so lovely! btw i love the quality of your pictures!

  8. :nuts: It's from Japanese site. That's why....
  9. omg! I love the chunky gold ring in the third set...what is it?? From which season???
  10. Is that the silver one which has 2 rings in photo? That's the latest collection :yes:
  11. I love these little pink earrings!
  12. I love the last ones!!! But they are all so pretty!!!!!
  13. I love that gold ring with pearl. I didn't even know that was ever available. I wish I would have seen it since I bought the earrings, bracelet and necklace. WOuld've been nice to have the set.:sad:
  14. I also have ring and large version earrings in the same collection but missing necklace and bracelet :smile:.
  15. I like the phone charms.