Let's See your Zuccas!!!!

  1. I am loving the Zucca right now.. My Inferno Zucca arrived today and I :heart: it.:yahoo:.. I got it for a not so crazy price because it had a little dark something on it, which the Tide pen removed with ease. Anyhow, Let's see your Zuccas...:jammin:

    My Inferno Zucca
    My Paradiso Zucca
    My Pirata Zucca
  2. I take it your a Zucca fan! :p
  3. LOVE THEM!!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:

    I actually love to LOOK at the Zuccas much more than I like to actually wear them, but I love them none the less!!!!:tup:
  4. LoL.. To be honest I wasnt always. I am a BIG fan of Campeggio and Ciao Ciao. But after thinking that I need something other then a messenger style bags that I looked at what other bags I could get and I got a Pirata Zucca, after that I just fell in love with Zuccas.. They are cute! hehe :p
  5. I :heart: Zuccas too. Zuccas and Ciaos are my favorite styles right now.
  6. My Adios Star zucca is one of my fave tokis. Zucca and Ciao Ciao are my fave styles.
  7. I had always wanted a zucca but never got one until tutti. Now I don't know why I didn't before, they're awesome. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. How do you guys post the pictures? When i try to do it from my computer it always says it's too large and when I do it from photobucket I just have to put the link b/c if I put the picture it's a giant x :confused1:
  9. on photobucket, if you check the box for the pics you want & click 'Generate HTML and IMG code, it gives code for thumbnails, if that helps.
  10. ooh ooh thanks thanks thanks :yahoo:
  11. hahahahahahh I stink!! :tdown:


    Can you guys see it?? :confused1:
  12. Yes! It looks great! I love love love the pink Toxic Bear Qee on there, the color really pops.
  13. Oooh, thanks!! I always hate posting the links. And I wonder how everyone posts the pictures... I'm so bad w/this computer! :roflmfao:

    Here's the back

  14. My AS Zucca :love::love::love::love:

  15. I think I have probably told you this in another thread... but I love the placement! Both Lattes! Sandy! Poplettina! :love: