Let's see your Violette pieces with your Amarante

  1. I'm itching to see if anyone who has some Amarante and Violette pieces can show what they look like together. Do they compliment each other? I won't have an opp to go to the boutique for another several weeks, but I wondered if anyone here might show their goods, please?
  2. I think noe noelie has both the amarante and violette hearts, and she has a pic in the heart coin purse clubhouse of them side by side.
  3. I think they'll look gorgeous together, I'm getting the Violette (hopefully) for the purpose of putting it on my Amarante Brentwood.
  4. I don't have something in amarante but in the store they displayed all the amarante and violette together and it's simply gorgeous! :heart:

    The violette brings out the deep aubergine tones from the amarante!
  5. Ooooh, I can't wait to see the displays. I'm looking for either a violette accessory against an Amarante bag or vice versa. The hearts noe noelie posted are beautiful yet I'd like to see more pix.