Let's See Your Sunnies/Specs!

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  1. Ok, so I did a search for a thread on showing pics of Coach sunglasses, and guess what?! There isn't one.

    UNTIL NOW! :yahoo:

    So would you ladies help me and the other members of this lovely forum by posting your sunnies? Please list the name and color of them. And feel free to also model them, too. :graucho: Thanks!
  2. I'll take pics tonight and post tomorrow!!
  3. Thanks! Can't wait to see them. :biggrin:
  4. Me in my car wearing my Peonys in black:

    And also wearing the Allies in tortoise:

    I may need to go for pair #3 soon...:graucho:
  5. ^^^Oooh. I love them both on you. Especially the Allies. :tup:
  6. TY!

    And the Allies were such a good deal - I got them at the outlet for $68! :yahoo:
  7. [​IMG]

    Me in my charlee's (in black) I had just got them

    also own but don't have pictures of Lauren's in burgandy and Sadie's in burgandy (I have never worn or took off tags)
  8. Thanks for telling me that. Do you think they have Mimi's and Nina's there now?
  9. These look so cool on you. Thanks for showing them.
  10. I hate this picture, but it's the only one I have of me in my sunnies. I need to work on that....... anyhooooo, these are the Keri sunglasses and I LOVE them and get compliments every time I wear them!


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  11. I'm wearing the Kendalls in tortoise in my avatar.
  12. [​IMG]

    My black aprils in vegas that were STOLEN :crybaby:


    My tortoise samanthas that have a scratch that I need to get sanded out or something.

    I have black allies now but don't have a pic. I'll take them tomorrow because I'm getting a new pair then too :biggrin:

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  13. ^^^Thanks so much ladies. We're getting the ball rolling. :yahoo: Now I think I have a new obsession. :biggrin:
  14. Does any one have the Samantha's or Mollys?

  15. thanks for posting! i'm thinking about getting these but i dunno. oh man, soooooo tempting!