*Let's see your shoes!* Post your shoe collections here!

  1. I Am getting ready to move and pulled out some of my shoes..here are my valentinos, chanels, miu mius, chloes, louboutins, and Kate spades! I have other brands such as Tory and coach but haven't got to those yet...or my boots lol!

    I wish pulling all my things out like this would make me not want more...but now all I see is holes in my collection! I need some red and nude stat!!

  2. You have a beautiful collection!!
  3. All I can say is DAMMNNN! Go girl! :jrs::jrs:
  4. Thank you. :blush: I need to update again, lol. I don't know how I turned into such a shoe girl but I am.
  5. Your shoes are gorgeous. I know what you mean about always seeing where you could use another pair :biggrin:.
  6. Oh wow that is some impressive collection you have!
  7. Wow!

    I'm new to the Forum, not sure how to upload pics yet but your collections are awesome, so bear with me and I'll just describe my modest collection - I've had to give up my beloved stilettos as I have severe osteoporosis of the spine and both hips....

    Any way, my current collection comprised:

    Crockett and Jones black French Calf monk shoes
    Gaziano and Girling black Oxford shoes
    Timberland tan nubuck ankle boots
    Timberland custom indigo nubuck ankle boots
    Fitflops black Gogh suede sandals
    Fitflops super navy Gogh suede sandals
    Sketchers black nubuck Shape Up XP trainers

    Ordered last week:
    John Lobb black box leather black buckle booties

    More nice shoes planned in the future
  8. shoe heaven!!
  9. My sister has the same YSL, I have them in black and I love the Jimmy Choo biker boots, I want the fur lined one!
  10. nice picture!
  11. Nice louboutins!
  12. gorgeous!
  13. Thanks Myrkur, I am kind of obsessed with shoes ;).
  14. Thank you! Wow that post was so long ago! Haha, my Louboutin collection has grown substantially. :lol:
  15. Show me!