*Let's see your shoes!* Post your shoe collections here!

  1. You all were sooo busy :smile:
    What a lovely shoes collections!
    I will gladly show you my small collection, really small... (I have just one pair of Louboutins)... But every other pair is special for me to :smile:
  2. I'm not sure if my pic will appear, but I've just blogged about my weekend task of rearranging my office/closet to reorganize my shoe collection:
  3. I love your floral Kenzo... do they have a style name? TIA
  4. My Camper collection/family as of today! I fear more are to be added soon, the SS12 collection is adorable! :graucho:

    More photos in my collection thread here.

  5. I'm really loving your Fendi rain boots in the third picture. So cute! :cloud9:
  6. The perfect boots...so beautiful!!
  7. awww thankssss
  8. Thank you Mlendra :hugs:
  9. Everybody has a beautiful collection.
  10. Seeing all of your ladies' AMAZING show collections got me inspired to post my small collection :smile: I've only been collecting for about a year and I'm a college student so it's not a big collection yet but I'm working on it! I only showed my high end shoes since they are my favorites.

    Not pictured: Jimmy Choo Emerald in nude, Burberry plaid flats, Tory Burch Reva black/gold flats, various Frye boots, Sam Edelman Lorissa spiked shoes in black and nude, and other Sam Edelman, Jeffrey Campbell, and Steve Madden shoes I have for going out so they don't get ruined!

    Pictured Below: (named from L to R)

    First picture: My nude collection
    Dior 'Miss Dior' Python, YSL Tribtoos 102mm, Sergio Rossi Crystal Cachet, and Jimmy Choo Zena sandals (my first pair of high end shoes!!)

    Second pic: My Chanel shoes
    Not sure the style #'s of any of these since I do not keep the boxes (no room!)

    Third pic: My Louboutins
    Simple pump, Declic in patent, and my python 4A platforms that are insanely tall!!

    Fourth pic: Boots (I only have a couple higher end boots besides my Frye)
    Jimmy Choo black.gold motorcycle boots, and my Valentino motorcycle ruffle OTK boots (my absolute favorite boots I have ever seen!)

    Last pic: My family! hopefully it will grow soon :smile: I had a few other shoes but to make room for new ones ive sold them sadly...I still think I've done well for the last year!

    Thanks for letting me share! I hope to have collections like some of you ladies some day!
    photo 1.jpg photo 2.jpg photo 3.jpg photo 4.jpg photo 5.jpg
  11. I'm in love with your YSL suede tribtoos!
  12. Thanks!! They are my newest addition :smile: I haven't worn them yet but they are AMAZING and will go with everything!

    On another note...I actually got one more pair of shoes to add to the collection the other day (the day after I posted collection pics of course!) they are so comfy!

    (I'm posting this from my phone and hoping it works! I've been on vacation without wifi so my Internet use is limited!)
  13. Nice Louboutins good collection to:smile:
  14. I love your shoes! Classic and edgy pairs. Great mix! The black/gray python is awesome!!! Want them *grin*!

    gratify and satisfy ; repeat
  15. Brian Atwood Maniac in Nude (140mm), Burberry Prorsum Sandals, Christian Louboutin Very Prive, Jimmy Choo Vita in Gold Glitter Fabric and Jimmy Choo Vibe in Black Glitter Fabric. :smile: