let's see your PCE purchases!

  1. I wasnt sure if this should go in the shopping, pce, or this thread...mods please move if needed!!!

    I havent gone yet, but I wanted to see what everyone has bought so far!
  2. I don't have mine in hand, but I ordered the Ink Thompson Hobo! I wanted the blue hamptons vintage carryall, but it wouldn't fit over my fat arms and I have to have a shoulder bag. lol
    Also, didn't have a PCE card, but they gave it to me anyway. :tup:
  3. i just came back from the coach store. i got the large signature khaki/chocolate carly!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    i actually thought i didn't like carlys, until now.

    no pictures yet though.
  4. Love, Love the khaki/chocolate carly... I hope you will be able to post pics... Congrats!! :tup:
  5. I love that color combo too!
  6. Is PCE going on right now?????????!!!!

    I can't believe I didn't get a card! I just spent $$$$ in there in the last couple of months and I usually get their cards. What the heck?
  7. *supposedly* this is aimed towards outlet shoppers (although some nonoutlet shoppers have gotten them). There will be another regular one in March.
  8. Yep...we aren't the only ones who find this a little lopsided.

  9. [​IMG]:heart:
  10. I want this in white! How much did it come to after PCE and taxes? is this the XL or no? thanks!
  11. That is the regular one. It goes for $328 before PCE so with the 25% off it would be $246 before taxes. HTH
  12. ^^ That is an awesome price.
  13. I know! I am thinking about getting this is white instead of the XL I was thinking about.
  14. I bought this today, they said they had to take the card away. But they were closing and didn't notice and I took it back they left it near my wallet.