Let's see your Moto's!

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  1. Model them, post them. I think I may need one...too much fun! :graucho:
  2. They are gorgeous!!! I had one in antique silver (but returned it because it wasn't my first choice color - black). But here's some pics, it is a KILLER clutch, and so well made -- prob. my fave clutch design ever. I would love a black one still!!!!! Here's hoping Botkier brings it back again.




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  3. PS: If you are interested in the antique silver, My Obsessions Boutique (a great website) has it on sale, and you can get 20% more off if you are a first time buyer with the code "onetime."

    I just ordered a bag from them, and it is a popular website on the RM subforum.
  4. Thank you Loquita!!
  5. Loquita - I have wanted a black Moto since they launched the design. How funny that you love that one too!
  6. I know this is an old thread. But, does anyone have the moto clutch in yellow? I'd love to see an IRL pic of it before I snag one on sale!
  7. ^ I don't recall seeing pics of the yellow Moto Clutch before, but there should definitely be pics of the yellow Trigger somewhere around -- that should give you an idea if you're wondering about the colour! ;)
  8. Here are a couple of pictures of me with my moto at Disneyland. I like it a lot, but it is a little smaller than I had expected having just seen it online. Also, being tall, I wish the strap was a bit longer, because when I wear it cross-body, I feel like it's a little short. But anyway I do love it :biggrin:


    ps I am not preggo. I must have been standing kind of funny in the pic outside of small world?
  9. Lovely Botkier clutch! Congrats
  10. Does anyone have a modeling pic of the moto clutch in metallic mermaid?