Let's see your March/April Purchases!

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  1. That's it.. :graucho:
  2. Thank you! :biggrin: I really hope I will love it since I haven't seen either the color or the Day bag IRL before :P So if I don't love it I can always return it, but I don't really see that happening ;)
  3. [​IMG]
  4. yum yum!!

  5. Viva le Papier!!:happydance::drool::heart::heart:
  6. Gorgeous bag. :heart:

  7. Thank you! I am sure I will love it :biggrin:
  8. ME Town in gris glacé

  9. Oh! A town with ME :biggrin: I am very curious about the town so I would love some mod pics, and maybe a review :biggrin: And if the ME leather works well with town? :smile:

  10. Gorgeous bags ladies!! Congrats and hope you love using them!!
  11. Hi, I think the ME silver goes very well with the pale grey leather - it's pretty subtle but still special. I love the thicker leather of this version of chèvre - I prefer this to some of the other thinner leathers that 'crack' - I should emphasise that this is just personal preference though!

    I have a classic black Town (also chèvre, but much thinner) which I really like, but one day the black ME Town might call my name... :graucho:
  12. Very cute, love the whole combo= Style+Color+Hardware!!:drool::sweatdrop::drool::heart: