Let's see your Lilac Epi!!

  1. I've read on this forum that the lilac appears to be a sought after and rare color to find. But I haven't seen many pictures from you guys owning lilac pieces.

    I just got a Lilac epi petit noe and the color is really growing on me...:shame:

    So let's see your lilac epi!!
    P1020094.JPG P1020095.JPG
  2. your noe is stunning!
  3. so gorgeous! congrats!
  4. Thanks guys! But I've actually already posted about my new lilac epi, now I want to see yours! :yes:
  5. That color is beautiful.
  6. OO! It's so pretty!
  7. I've looked on eBay a few times, and it's hard to find many lilac pieces in any style. There is actually a version of my very same bag right now on eBay, but going for close to full retail! :shocked:
  8. here's my speedy :heart:
  9. So nice!! I knew I wanted a piece of lilac epi, but didnt know which bag style to get. I considered speedy, and jasmin too, but any piece in this color is hard to find. Ichelle, it was actually your Noe enabling thread that got me to consider a Noe at all! I like your red Noe too!
  10. georgeous!
  11. here's my Lilac Jasmin :love:


  12. Oh it's beautiful, Yeux! Does it hold much though? I had really considered the Jasmin bc the shape looks so pretty and feminine, but without trying it out IRL, it looked a bit stiff to me.
  13. Love this color- hoping to 'win' a lilac pochette soon
  14. I love that color!
  15. Wow! such a Nice colour!