Let's see your Coach shoes collection!

  1. Can people post their Coach shoe collection?

    I will post my 2 pairs of shoes soon!
  2. i would if i had any lol.. : (
  3. No dig camera, but I do own one sig coach canvas slippers. They're cute, but don't stay on too well. Would love some Coach Poppy thongs. My mom offered to buy me some coach ankle boots, but I said no b/c I was feeling guilty about the cost and I have so many shoes. Now I wish I had said Yes!
  4. all i have are the coach scribble sneakers. :smile: i posted them in the collection thread-- they're dirty hehehe.
  5. I'm traveling this week...so no access to my pics...but I'll post them when I get back! I have 4 pairs...

    This is actually a pretty old picture. I think I took it one night while procrastinating studying for some exam/project during my senior year of HS and now I'm a sophmore in college so I definitely need to update this.


    These (which I also have in mint green and pink) flip flops

    These optic signature heels in black and tan

    More heels and sneakers!

    I :love: Coach footwear! There's a couple cute pairs this season as well :graucho:
  7. OMG Mello your collection is TDF...I'm hopefully going to get my first pair of coach shoes soon..I'm thinking some high heels!
  8. wow...i never realized you were so into Coach shoes!!! Love them all!!! I need to catch up with you!!!!!!!!
  9. Jenny holy crap!! I love everything, dang man I need to get me them sneakers and some heels!! Theyre so cute :heart:3
  10. Jenny I need to go shopping with you. I'm going to post my measly coach shoe collection today hopefully. It's only like 3 pairs. But the new catalog has some hot shoes in it. I want all of them. Too bad I have to wait til August for them to come out.
  11. Cristina..I really love the last ones..they are so feminine & girly.
  12. They're so comfortable, it's hard to believe I'm wearing heels! Actually, all of the Coach shoes I have are like that. I even wear them out shopping, which is weird for me, because I'm almost always in flip flops :P
  13. Thanks pursefanataic!! You're going to be addicted after your first pair, the heels that are out at the moment are SO comfortable (I had to resist after trying them out int the store). Definitely worth the money. Let me know how you like them after you try them on (and maybe get a pair ;))

    Thanks! Yea, I went through this phase where I was in absolute love with Coach shoes, fortunately it has slowed down a bit (so that I have money for handbags :yahoo: )

    Thanks Vanessa! You must get yourself a pair (or two or three!), they're worth it and quite comfy as well :graucho:

    Oh Erica, the mall would be left with nothing after we're done shopping :nuts: I know what you mean about the new shoes coming out, I picked up my catalog yesterday and holy crap :love:
  14. I have the Ciara heels in fuschia. I'm looking for my camera to take a picture!!