Let's see your Candy colored B-bags!

  1. So Glam.com has an article about Candy colored bags being in stock (see above ad on tPF):
    Candy Colored Bags - 1

    Post away your brightly colored babies! :heart:


    Cornflower Blue Shrug, Jaune Day, Violet Step, Rouge Theatre Twiggy, Vert Gazon Giant Hobo GGH, and Navy Compagnon

    The white spots are from the camera, this sheet came out from the laundry which is why it's all wrinkled =P
  2. ^Wow, I love your candies! I can't see the point in black bags!!! Here's my soon to be departed with mint 05 Bubblegum Pink Twiggy and my forever mine Vert Gazon makeup (wee-VG)...:love:
    027.JPG DSCF0099.JPG
  3. Wow Liz-
    I could just stare at those gorgeous colors all day long.
  4. You have some beautiful bags Liz! Love the Vert Gazon hobo and Jaune day.

    Here are my Violet work SGH and Apple green twiggy. Sorry for the bad pics. I just used some old pics I have on the computer:smile:
    twiggy3.JPG gruppe3ny.JPG