Let's see your Afternoons...

  1. I think I need to branch out a bit and my next purchase may be an Afternoon. I don't see this style discussed much on this forum. Anyone have pics to share :confused1: Experiences :confused1: Opinions :confused1:
  2. I'm sooo with you girliecharlie!! I want a Mid-Afternoon so bad...I haven't seen one with GH though..does anyone know if they are doing them in the '07 colors with GH???
  3. I think she is asking about the Big one. The afternoon, which is like the big brother to the Mid-afternoon. Haven't seen or heard anything about the bigger one.
  4. Wow, no one has a pic to share :confused1: :sad: That's just as well, I will be the only person to have an Afternoon :p
  5. If you do get one - post a pic cause I want to see!
  6. I sure will share pics... I want something blue... a year round shade. What do you think? Navy, Ink or Marine :confused1: Vert d'eau is FAB :drool: but is spring and summer and may fade too fast...
  7. I think the afternoon would look awesome in the ink or marine. either one would look good in the summer with brights or pastels.
  8. I dont think the Afternoon bags have been produced with GH, according to my research...

    Perhaps they are soon to follow?

    I've been digging that style too, very different!