Lets see Who knows a REAL from a FAKE

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OK they are showing now..

yes the one to the left is the real one.. the right one is a 50.00 bag.. sorry ladies for the mess up.:shame: . I am new to this and the pics weher not showing for me till now.. Its real easy to tell my real bag from the one made in Hong Kong.. plus the smell is different and the feel.. Thanks : ) all have a wonderful weekend:idea:
lol okay..now that I'm about confused. ...for a minute this thread started to sound like an abbot and costello skit. LOL

(no offense Princess, the idea of you posting the real and fakey was a cute idea)
the left is real

Princessxjs said:
Ok ladies.. here are two LV denim bags.. One is over 1300.00's from EL and the other is a 50.00 copy from Hong Kong................ the copy belongs to a friend of mine and she thinks its looks like mine.. hahah
let see who knows their Louis Vuitton bags and who doesnt..

when posting the answer.. looking at the pic.. say Right or left..

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