Lets see Who knows a REAL from a FAKE

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  1. Ok ladies.. here are two LV denim bags.. One is over 1300.00's from EL and the other is a 50.00 copy from Hong Kong................ the copy belongs to a friend of mine and she thinks its looks like mine.. hahah
    let see who knows their Louis Vuitton bags and who doesnt..

    when posting the answer.. looking at the pic.. say Right or left..

  2. Left is fake
    Right is genuine :P
  3. i think one on left is fake
  4. Definitely the one on the left is real, you can tell by the shape of the hardware on the handles.
  5. another suggestion - buy some glasses for your friend who thinks they look exactly the same :amuse:
  6. Ladies the one on the left looking at the pic is the real one LOL OMG the one with the lighter color leather is real..

    I better post a better pic.. wow this is un real..
  7. I had to go back and edit my post because I didn't make it clear I thought the one on the left was real. Am I actually right? I think most ladies here know more about LV than I do.
  8. Hrm.

    The one on the right is fake, the denim looks very stiff and not treated. Each denim piece from LV is unique looking since it goes through the wash process that gives it that "worn in" look. The hardware on the right one is also wrong.

    Compare the left one to LV_addict's in the speedy gonzales thread (http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/the-speedy-gonzales-club-4267-14.html) and you will see that they are the same !
  9. the one on the left is fake
  10. i'm confused - we did say the one on the left is the fake
  11. The one on the left is the real one.. trust me guys. ;)
  12. so the left is real? lol oops i don't really know all that much! you ladies are good
  13. Princess,

    No chance that you're looking to sell your real Speedy, huh?
  14. lol I was comparing Elux pictures!
  15. intlset - ooh cheater! i like cheaters :biggrin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.