Let's see what you collect multiples of!

  1. What's the one item that you have many of and only want more??? cles, pochettes, agendas, speedy's, etc....I'm cles and pochettes, here are my cles.....
  2. I have 2 speedies but that's it. The 35 and 40.
  3. Pochettes and Speedies.
    pochettes.JPG speedies.JPG
  4. Right now I'm in the midst of collecting pochettes ...so within the next 6 months (once I track them all down) I should have:
    9 or 10 pochettes (I say 9 or 10 because I'm debating about the conte de fees)

    I wish the groom series was going to have a pochette :sad:
  5. I have 4 bracelets
  6. i have 4 speedies:
    black mc
    white mc
    damier 30
    mono 25

    and will add:
    damier azur 25 or 30
  7. cool, I do the pochettes too, they are sooooo useful to me, right now I have 5 and of course want more!!!
  8. I have 3 cles... or I must say cleses? ha I´ve got the mono one, damier and perfo orange and I want the damier azur and the groom ones when the come out. I´m also thinking about an epi black one... even I dont like epi at all hehe
  9. speedies, I have 3 :smile:
  10. :yahoo: speedy's 8
    mono 30
    mono 40
    mc 30 black
    denim blue
    cherries 25
    graffiti 30 silver
    mc petite white
    mono petite
  11. I guess I sort of have multiple speedy's too
    -mono petite
    -25 mandarin epi
    -35 mono
  12. I have 4 speedies:

    MC speedy 30
    Epi vanilla speedy 25
    Cerises speedy 25
    MC mini HL

    And I have two vernis 4 key holders, in noisette and peppermint.
  13. 3 pochette cles - Mono, Damier, Mini Mono (khaki TST)

    2 key holders - Mono 6-key, Damier d/c one

    2 scarves - silk with panther print, cotton denim bandana

    2 Mono Trousse Toilettes - 9" and 11" (I'd buy more if they came in other sizes!)
  14. I love your collection, esp. your vanilla speedy!!!
  15. Keycases, Pochettes and Speedies!
    I don't have a picture of the Speedies but I have:
    White MC
    Black MC
    Vintage Monogram 30
    Damier 30

    and I'll be adding the Miroir one and possibly the Denim one. As for the pochettes, I'll have at least 12 by the end of the year since I'm adding both Miroir ones. And the keycases..I'm getting both of the Groom ones. :smile:

    To add, I just realized I collect Porte Tresor wallets also lol. I have my mom's vintage monogram one, fuchsia vernis (2), peppermint vernis (2) and black multicolore.
    lvkeychains&cases.JPG pochettes.JPG