Let's see what i got on my birthday ^-^

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  1. today ( 5 december) is my birthday

    to know that i'm getting older is not fun:push:

    but what made me feel :nuts: is no other than 3 Bbags :graucho:

    got on hand yesterday morning....miss 07 Ivory work really beautiful leather:love:

    will get her first thing tomorrow at postoffice .... miss 07 Black twiggy

    and on her way from ....miss 07 Leed flat messenger

    now i feel like i'm 15 year old ei ei ei :boxing::jammin::supacool:

    will post pic when i recive the others 2 bags :yes:
  2. Happy Birthday!!! Yay for new bags!!!!
  3. happy birthday!! cant wait to see your new bags! ***yay***
  4. Happy Birthday!!
  5. Yes, Happy Birthday!!!!! Unless you're over 75, you can't complain about getting older. Birthday's are weird. They conjure up so many bizzare emotions. I thought that turning 30 (in August) would kill me, actually it is the best age I have ever been.

    Have a fantastic day, can't wait to see pics!
  6. Happy Birthday:balloon::party: Can't wait to see your pics.:wlae:
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY C of L!!!! that's my son's b-day too - enjoy your beautiful b-bags and have a wonderful year too!! :flowers:
  8. Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see!
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And with 3 new bbags, it should be a happy one indeed!!!
  10. Happy Happy Birthday!! Can't wait to see pics...getting 3 bbags always make turning whatever age oh so sweeter!!
  11. Happy birthday! :party: Can't wait to see yor new bags!
  12. happy birthday and congratulations on all the new bags!
  13. ^^ yay, happy b-day sweetie!!! :party:
  14. Happy Birthday! Congrats on your three bags!
  15. Happy birthday! What can be better than 3 gorgeous new bbags? :heart: Post pics when they're here!