Let's see those Ciaos!!!

  1. Seeing all of the A.S. Ciaos on TokiJeny's thread has made me want to :drool: over everyone's Ciaos in ALL of the various prints. So, anyone who has a Ciao, PLEASE post your pics!!!

    I'll start...I have 4 ciaos in the following prints Inferno, Pirata, L'Amore, and Tutti with a new A.S. Ciao on its way from SH.

    Soooo, here are mine. Now show me yours!!!!:biggrin:

    First off...Pirata & Tutti:

    DSC03387.JPG DSC03388.JPG DSC03390.JPG DSC03391.JPG
  2. Next...Inferno & L'Amore:

    DSC03392.JPG DSC03394.JPG DSC03396.JPG DSC03397.JPG
  3. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. ooops can't forget about this lil' baby!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Moofia - Those are both beautiful!!! I :heart: the pink-haired little girl on Paradiso & Sushi Boy!!! :heart: the OP Ciao too with Sandy and Latte!!! Thanks for posting!!!:tup:
  6. angelic*ruin: good idea for this thread...dontcha just LUV the ciao? i mainly use mine like a slingpack :smile: i keep staring at ur Pirata and Amore ciao's....preetty cooolllooorrrs.....
  7. here is my one and only ciao....in PARADISO
    gotta :heart: sushi boy!:yahoo:
  8. These are pics of my Pirata & Foresta Ciaos.
    And Angelic*Ruin..yes...I am tokitoki4sale from LJ :smile:

    Moofia..Love your OP ciao ! I saw a girl with it once on my trip to Hawaii..where I bought my first tokis -pirata Ciao & pirata porta.

    Yeah..don't you just love the ciaos..But I always get color transfer from my pants. especially aroung back zipp pocket ! but ithe mareks can be erased with Mr.Magic Eraser.
    Foresta%20Ciao%20Front.JPG Foresta%20Ciao%20Back.JPG PirataCiaoFront.JPG PirataCiaoBack.JPG
  9. Wow that is the perfect foresta ciao IMO
  10. Moofia - I am loving the Ciao these days, maybe a little more than the Zucca even. I love Zucca for work, but the Ciao is the best for the weekends!:tup:

    DJR - Love your Paradiso Ciao. I'd be tempted to get one if I didn't already have 3 Paradiso print bags *lol*. :biggrin:

    Juli - You know how much I :heart: your Foresta Ciao.:graucho: I think I may have found one for myself though finally. Just waiting to finalize things with the seller. Love your Pirata too!
  11. I'm so jealous, I don't have a single ciao! I must remedy this...
  12. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:Great thread Angelic!! ;) I :heart::heart: to see everyone's ciaos they're adorable. I :heart: your tutti ciao Angelic!!

    Moofia - What's slingpack, like a messenger across the body? :confused1:
  13. Juli-wow that is what i call a perfect foresta ciao...

    :drool: i want one!
  14. Moofia, I love your original ciao! Fantastic! :drool:
  15. Oh my Julicrystal, I TOTALLY want your Foresta Ciao!!! :yahoo:I absolutely :heart: it!!! It's my perfect placement. I hope to find one of my very own some day.:yes: