let's see them ladies . . .

  1. your coach legacy jewelry of course. :graucho:

    i'm thinking about buying some sort of legacy stripe jewelry so i would love to see anyone who has coach bangles/necklaces from that line to model the pieces (it's difficult to get a feel for jewelry without seeing it on someone right?)

    pics are appreciated

    thanks ladies
  2. I just ordered the silver/silver and white/silver bangles last Friday!!! I hope they are here by the end of the week. I'll take pictures then!! I'm waiting on the legacy bracelet to come online so I can buy it too!!!
  3. I think the smaller bangles are so cute, I'd like to get some too! Glitter, do you have a catalog? There are lots of great photos in there.
    But I agree, I'd like to see collections too!
  4. I have the 1/2" gold/striped, and the 1/2" silver/pond, LOVE them both. I'll take pics later tonight...
  5. LeaD i do have the catalog, but i want to see what they look like on real people hehe . . . i think they show them all on at the same time (not a real-life scenario, right?)

    can't wait to see pics!
  6. you are in luck! i just bought it today!!! it is sooo pretty!!!

  7. oooh that is pretty katrynar! what size bangle is that (how thick is it)?
  8. Oh that is the 1/2 one I think.. it's the smallest one! sooo cute and pretty! matches everything
  9. I got my silver/silver (1/2 in.) and white/silver (3/4 in.) bangles today. LOVE THEM!!!! i'm ordering the 3/4 in. multi stripe on 3/29 when it's available online!!!! I'll post pictures tomorrow. I say get one before they sell out - they are gorgeous!!
  10. I've only liked the signature gold bangle so far but am on the fence about getting it.