Let's see PF members wearing Gucci

  1. We have threads with members wearing Bbags, Fendi, LV, etc. Let's model our Gucci bags. I'll start with my Gucci summer bag.


    C'mon, you guys, let's show some Gucci pride!:P
  2. Great idea!

    Well, here I am with the Large Horsebit Hobo and the Britt Medium Hobo :smile: :heart:
    Bags 003.jpg britt.2.jpg
  3. Whoa! Stunning bag, Kat and you look so chic in all white carrying it!! Pelinaka,,, you already know I think you look FAB carrying your new Britt hobo!! This is a great thread. Fun idea, Kat!! :smile:
  4. kat, def. crisp and summer-like look you're sporting w/your gorgeous bag
  5. Thanks, you guys! I'll have to post pics with my Jackie bag over the weekend. I can't wait to see more Gucci wearers!
  6. Beautiful Britt:upsidedown: !
  7. Kat - Love your bag.. I am in love with brown Gucci logo canvas and white leather trim.

    Pelinaka - I like your Horsebit hobo! It's a great classic to me.. I also love that GG Hardware on your Britt!

    I can't wait to see more runway pics!
  8. Thank you fendifemale, mssmelanie and Golden! :shame:

    Let's see your Gucci bags girls :smile:
  9. Oh you're probably all sick of me by now but I'll post my pics again here..

    Here's a bag that I rented from BBOS... Sadly she is going back on Wednesday but I am planning to buy the smaller version

    Here's my recent $200 find at Sak's
    Here's some of my current collection also..
  10. Those Gucci bags look fabulous on you, Mssmelanie! I really love the small bag with the chain strap and the tan/mustard colored stripe down the center. I've never seen that one before. Is it new?
  11. Thanks! It's not new.. I got it last year at Gucci.. You may have seen them in black with the red/green stripe or the pink stripe.. I think I've seen some members post it in teal? It was the last one they had at Madison Ave... I think it came in a bigger size too..
  12. how do u rent something? Just curious. I really like that bag!!
  13. That's a story.. Just check out the site and make sure you read HOW IT WORKS.. It can be pricey so figure out if its worth it to you or not..

    The bag I rented was the Medium Gucci Pelham bag...There are also a bunch of other bag rental places that I have heard are cheaper but I haven't tried them. I think if you do a search on this board for like Bag rental or something like that, you can find all the threads on the topic.
  14. mssmelanie, the bags look FAB on you! :supacool: