Let's See All Those New Year January Goodies!

  1. Happy New Year, everyone! Please post pictures of your new Bal purchases for the month of January!
  2. I sold this exact combo a year ago...and it was one bag I really wished I had kept..so I was really happy to find another!
    Perfect for Spring and Summer, Atlantique GSH City
  3. :love:
  4. I love the color of Atlantique. Great that you found another!
  5. Gorgeous bag!!!!!
  6. For my mom

    and me
  7. Beautiful bags!!! Congrats!
  8. Found me an Atlantique as well!

  9. 2012 Coquelicot rggh 12 City

  10. red and blue bags are just :love:
  11. Gorgeous Amy!!! Double congrats!!!
  12. it's lovely - Atlantique really is one of my favourite colours, congrats!
  13. love those wrinkles! Coquelicot is a fantastic colour too....and this one really is a beauty!
  14. Black Toolkit!
    First NEW Bal in a long time. 2013 black leather seems so far to rock!


  15. nice