Let's see all those "new" November goodies!!

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  1. ^ love!!
  2. I bought an '07 Plomb Work with GSH and fell in love with the leather so I was so happy to stumble upon another Chèvre beauty. :jrs::jrs::jrs::jrs: and had to have it. It's gorgeous and so soft and smooshy. How do I get my new leathers broken in faster so they feel like this?
  3. Yes, it was a medium Grey color ...
  4. Ah ha!! 👍
  5. .. see, this is what happens when you go to out-of-the-way stores/boutiques, you happen upon something truly RARE!!! It's particularly funny given that we were just talking about these!

    Check it .. the LARGE size Bobble in a beautiful Ivory color!
  6. I've seen that before! I think My Teresa or somewhere like that? I think I was briefly tempted but decided I will hunt the smaller one! I hope I can find the grey one. 😍
  7. bobble :love:
  8. Fun find! Congrats!
  9. Just got this Crackle Bowling bag from Farfetch! It is adorable, I love the hardware, the leather looks like it will soften up a bit. It can fit wallet, large brush, sunglasses, small cosmetic, iphone & keys. I'm going to take her out for the first time today! :smile:

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  10. Hello! everyone,

    I just received this ultraviolet town today and it is my first Bal bag. I have been wondering if it's worth keeping this bag since I read the thread about papery leather. I am confused.:-s The leather is soft but so wrinkly. Please give me some advice. Thank you. :smile:

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  11. I LOVE your UV Town! It's gorgeous! ^
  12. Please don't buy into all the haters saying the "paper thin" and "painted", your leather looks gorgeous! And if it's anything like mine, the leather is buttery soft :smile: just enjoy it, because you got a good one!
  13. keep it. :love::love:
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    Last edited: Nov 12, 2013
    Don't worry so much about what others think. If you like the leather, then that's what is important.
    Btw, wrinkly does not equal papery.

    Your bag looks lovely and such a gorgeous colour.
    MAny congrats and enjoy it.