Let's say you have............

  1. .........a black Clemence Birkin and you have a little something in a black Chevre Hac. One is very casual and one has a little hutzpa going on. One has silver and one has gold.

    Let's throw in the fact that you're trying to pare down....get organized.....get focused.......(not something that comes naturally BTW). That your days of fine dining in schmancy restaurants is rare and opera grand opening parties have become a distant memory.

    Would you keep both?
  2. S'Mom, I would definitely keep both. ;)
  3. :yes:
  4. Keep both.

    Their looks and applications are different.
  5. get rid of the fancier and keep the every day.............too many things you dont use just makes you feel bad...........
  6. Absolutely keep both!!!!! Theoretically speaking, is the birkin a 30 and Hac a 28?
  7. Yup, keep both.
  8. I am a voice of reason and I still say keep both! (unless you are willing to spill why you are letting go of one and I will rethink it through)
  9. keep both. which is what you're going to do regardless, no? lol.

    enough of this- what's NEW?
  10. Do you have a picture of both? I remember you really loving your Black Chevre HAC a lot...I love it too!!
  11. nevermind. i sound silly.
  12. Theoretically, I would keep both...

    But...sharing your Scorpio tendencies, I suspect that one is very close to the auction block...

    Which one?

    LOL...I am streamlining as well...my closet is small...must make room...
  13. I would sell one:wtf:, I know it sounds crazy, but I would keep the chevre and sell the clemence for another color in clemence. :shrugs: I would get another casual color in clemence because you could get away with wearing casual clothes still carrying the black chevre.
  14. my closet is small too but i'll make room for whatever you guys want to send me.

    i am the ultimate declutterer. you're welcome.
  15. Oh boy!! Tough one! I might lean toward keeping both.

    HOWEVER, I also hate to have things "sitting" around not being used when I know someone will use it and love it!