let's say you have BJ, Etoupe and RG Birkins, what's next?

  1. I know I want another pop color-orange or vert family. i wouldnt mind a white or raisin :graucho::graucho:

    Does anyone have pics of Vert anis and Vert Chartreuse side by side for comparison?

    If you have either one, how did u decide to get one and not another? Help to compare these two colors for me??

    Thanks..b'c I dont really seem to be able to tell too much of a difference between these two colors. :girlsigh:

  2. I just got a chartreuse evelyne. I picked it over vert anis because it is just a tad less bright, but still a great burst of color.
  3. I like the chartreuse because as Lulilu said it's a little less bright. But they are both stunning! But man I LOVE Raisin :love:
  4. How about an H orange?:drool:
  5. I love Vert Anis. The color is so vivid especially on Chevre leather.
  6. vert anis togo. i just love it :heart: