Let's Say You Could Only Have One LAMB...

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  1. I know....to even speak of such things is blasphemy!!!! But I'm bored and don't want to start working yet, lol. So it doesn't matter how many LAMBs you currently have...the government has instituted a ONE BAG rule. :wtf:

    You can only have one LAMB. It doesn't have to be in your current collection but you can only have ONE. No cheating guys and telling me you can't decide! Think about it hard, all your needs and how much you carry on a regular basis and then tell me which one would it be?

    For me...
    I wear mostly warm colors. Lots of shades of tan/brown and green is my favorite color. I tend to carry a lot of things for "just in case" and like enough space for my things to be well organized. Sometimes my Marleys and Exeter are too small for what I need so they are out. My top two prints are Rasta and Bullseye. But sometimes I don't think Bullseye would be appropriate in some of my work situations. And the bag styles that would be enough room in the "biggest of situations" would be the Mandeville and Montego. So...

    If I could only have one. Only choose one. For better or for worse. To carry a little or a lot and still look good. For work and play. All while still staying true to my personal style. It would be... the Rasta Montego.

    Wow, that was hard. I hope I am never, never ever, never ever ever EVER put in that situation! :upsidedown:
  2. I would want the Saddle Alston..by the way I am getting ready for work..I so want to stay in....
  3. ^^ I had a dream that there was a saddle alston at my Nordies a few nights ago.. it was just sitting there... new with tags... and in my dream the drop on the straps were a little longer so you could wear it on your shoulder... hahaha... i argued the price from full retail to $59 saying it was an older bag.

    .... sick that i dream about bags... ha
  4. OMG, the other night I had a dream that a co-worker went to a sample sale and came back with all kinds of cute shirts that she was selling in her cubicle for $5 a piece. I was grabbing one of everything!!!!! I was sick when I woke up and realized it was a dream, lol :shame:
  5. ^ I had a dream the other night about LAMBs too...yikes !
    so anyway - i think my one bag would have to be my cheetah kingston. it's edgy enough yet big enough to carry all my stuff plus my kids stuff and can be worn on shoulder...very important for me
  6. I would say a regular classic saddle mandeville, because it is a nice neutral color that can go with anything and is just the right size. I do hope to own one of these..preferably soon! but it's time to take a breather. I ended up getting the BE because I missed out on it..I love my be, but like knasarae said probably not the best for all situations.
  7. Yeah VVV I almost picked the Saddle Montego for neutrality (is that a word? lol) but in the end I love my Rasta!! :graucho:
  8. i would say chartreuse venezia that i'm hoping to get one soon.. i love love love love the shape.. that vintage look :drool:.. and i'm moreee in love with the color.. it's a bag heaven is when i could have venezia in all color.. :girlsigh::angel:
  9. I only have one lamb, and since it's the first one that caught my eye... I'm going with my LS Commodore...because it's a shoulder bag (a must for shopping handsfree), has red patent accents with gold chains which adds just the right amount of funkiness, and the colors and very basic which make it easy to wear with outfits! I think anything in saddle is a good lamb staple.:yes:
  10. Only one LAMB? I'm gonna have to get back to you on this one, it's gonna take some pondering :sweatdrop:
  11. Probably a saddle morant since saddle is neutral, like everyone else said, and it's the perfect size for me for both work and play.
  12. My black Lucerne Saxon Tote :tup: Black is a great color that goes with everything and the leather on this bag is so soft. I've used it the most of all my LAMBS. Now if only I could find the matching wallet, I would be in LAMB heaven.
  13. jeez.. One bag that summarizes all that is LAMB?....
    I'm cheating and picking two so :-P
    I figure one bag has to be signature and one has to be non-signature..

    For Signature I'd choose... Saddle Montego
    For non-signature I'd choose, Glazed Love Capri in Black (or nude, but i'm partial)


    Now all of this is making me want both a Saddle Montego and a black capri.. but i've wanted the capri for a while now.. :lol:
  14. I'd pick the Alston. But I'd have to have one in every print. Sorry, that's the deal. Take it or leave it. :lol:
  15. Mandeville. Probably Cheetah. Or Saddle. Or Silver. Oh wait, the Capri

    Oh hell - I can't play this game! :yucky: