Let's Say You Can Design Your Dream Hermes


Nov 2, 2018
My dream bag is one that holds a laptop easily / won’t deform with the weight of one, ideally with a dedicated compartment for the laptop, while being easy to carry as well as stylish. I don’t even know what that design would be...because other than a backpack it would be really hard IMO to satisfy the weight distribution / carrying criteria, and I don’t find backpacks that stylish (sorry)!
Maybe one day I will think of one...and if/when I do, I suppose having it made with Hermès quality would be nice :smile: a purely distant dream for now!
Totally agree! A stylish laptop bag is my unicorn, and add a zip top. Totes with an open top are a non starter for me, but so hard to find.
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Mar 28, 2006
iiving the dream
Hermès Horizon atelier gives one the chance to really design a bespoke bag with the help of the design team. DH and I have done ours, but those two bags were mainly for travel. I am currently thinking of my next one to suit my new lifestyle. Having retired early, I no longer need the capacity of a B30/K28 for my day, which used to include a cashmere shawl, full size wallet and whatever DS needed. Now that he is grown, I can carry much less. What I treasure most is that every piece is unique, it carries a special significance, sometimes a hidden detail, in leathers which are rarer and overall it is tailored to the owner’s needs. The best part is no one really knows it’s by Hermes, but it tends to intrigue those in the know, and long time staff.
Have you posted photos of your horizon bags anywhere? We'd all love to see them.
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Dec 28, 2007
Jardin sur Le Toit
Have you posted photos of your horizon bags anywhere? We'd all love to see them.
I have shared them privately elsewhere with people I know and of course my friends in real life and my SAs see me carry mine all the time. DH uses his regularly as well. I have been advised not to share on an open forum such as this one.